Monday, 30 November 2015

Those were the parties!

Perfect a party trick day - I confess that I didn't get around to doing this one, however I was impressed at Kevin's party trick of matching the Le Bistrot Pierre cheeses to people at Bernie's birthday celebration!

Apparently Kevin himself is the Fourme d'Ambert (rich and creamy apparently!) and I'm the St Marcellin (nutty - although personally I think it's more to do with young and tender) and Ray's the Tomme de Savoire (I daren't even comment on this!) - Ray did get his revenge by saying that the Saint Maure could apply equally to either Kevin or myself as we both seem to be companions to many white wines!

How very rude! And totally unfounded of course...

Those were the days day - Some day these will be the days we'll look back on and remember as the 'good old days' - a scary thought lately!

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