Friday, 21 May 2010

Fabulous Friday

Today is fabulous Friday - oh yes it is!

I've had the day off work, the sun's been shining, I took a walk to the pine woods and sunbathed for a while, made myself stop thinking about the stuff I have to do (or the world may well fall apart don't you know - lol!) - with the exception of writing on here of course, and now I'm waiting for Bernie and John to arrive cos I'm making a huge amount of chinese chicken curry!

The only (kind of) productive thing I've really done today is investigate the webcam on my computer, I took a pic of myself and amused myself, for longer than I'm going to admit to on here, getting all confused with which way round everything was (it's not like looking in a mirror you know!) as I struggle with left and right at the best of times lol!

Happy days!

Stroke a Kitten Day

Wednesday 19 May was Stroke a Kitten Day (puppies also acceptable!)

I thought it would probably not be a good idea to string kittens up on the hooks in the office so instead decided to take Robocat into work with me to substitute as the 'kitten'! Despite being mistaken for a dog on 4 occasions (I would say 2 is a good day for me lol) I think Robocat did an admirable job, as well as providing some amusement in various offices, particularly when wearing my bunny ear 'wings'!

Robocat's 'flight suit' and Paul Pickering stroking the kitten!

I went to Broadie and Bill's for tea and introduced Robocat to Mindy the cat......

'Um, and what exactly is this supposed to be?'

'What are you staring at?'

'Let me tell you a secret.....'

Luckily Helen (aka Broadie!) was much more willing to particpate in the spirit of things!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Simple Pleasures Day

Thursday 13 May is Simple Pleasures Day!

There's nothing simple about my pleasures!

That said, I have taken pleasure in the simple things today;

Walking to work in the glorious sunshine at 7am this morning
Having a productive day at work
Receiving an unexpected card from a friend
Finally figuring something out after 15 months of trying to get it right
Arranging to spend some time with a friend I haven't had a proper catch up with in a while
Having a favourite childhood meal for dinner
Curling up on the sofa and watching a film with Rosie n Jim
Having a long hot soak in the bath with a large glass of red wine and a good book

Ok, I haven't done the last 3 yet but that's the plan!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

No Pants Day!

Tuesday 11 May was officially No Pants Day!

To the relief of, well, everybody, I opted to Americanise (or is that ize) this one - I wore a skirt instead of trousers! Other than spending most of the day feeling like I should have been somewhere in the Highlands picking heather (my skirt and boots etc had a distinct scottish feel to them!) it was a pretty uneventful day - I had fire marshal training and that was about the highlight of the day!

However I did inadvertently almost have an English version of no pants day on Saturday walking up a windy hill in Leeds but that's a whole other story!!

There's a temporary new addition to my blog - a sponsor me tab at the top of the page. Every year I take part in the local hospice's midnight walk event in memory of my mum who passed away in the hospice almost 16 years ago. Times are very hard at the moment but I'd be very grateful for any donation anyone is able to give!

Thank you