Monday, 31 August 2015

Waiting on the world to change

Procrastination Day - I've procrastinated all week about writing this week's blog, if I'm not careful it'll be too late...

Still procrastination Day - Yep, you've guessed it...

Friday, 28 August 2015

Cat Adopters Beware!

Following my extremely distressing (and disgraceful) recent experience with the local branch of a well known cat charity/adoption centre I just wanted to warn others out there about some things to bear in mind if you're thinking about adopting an animal, particularly an older animal, in this way.

1) Never, never just take the word of the volunteer when they tell you the animal has been checked by a vet and is healthy enough to be fit for adoption. ALWAYS insist on seeing the veterinary proof of this - the charity's statement is not enough. Check any paperwork you're given (such as a vaccination record) is completed in full by the vet and important information such as weight and body score isn't left blank, you should also ensure you're provided with information (preferably written) about the animal's dental health.

2) Never take the word of the volunteer when they tell you the animal came from a previous loving home where their health needs weren't neglected, ask if vet records/treatment history is available to be transferred to your own vet.

3) If at all possible arrange to see the animal first before they're brought to your home and handed over, if the animal is obviously underweight/has matted fur/smells or you have any concerns at all don't proceed until you know what the cause is. Once the animal is in your home it's too late, even if you notice an obvious problem within hours.

4) Make sure you're aware of any adoption fees at the start - don't end up taken by surprise when they're mentioned for the first time at the point the animal is already in your home and you're expected to hand over £60 cash per animal.

5) Arrange for a check up with your own vet as soon as possible after adoption, it's worth paying for to ensure peace of mind.

6) Contact your own vet straight away with any issues, do not rely on assistance (or even a response) from the adoption charity in the case of any early concerns.

7) Don't rush out and buy toys, beds, carry cases etc for the animal until you know for sure it's healthy.

Four days after adopting 6 year old Clyde we had to have him put to sleep as he had severe end stage kidney disease and his poor little mouth was rotten with toxins. His extreme thinness, very matted fur and noticeable strange smell were all signs of a poorly cat, and were all overlooked by his previous owner, the volunteer who'd been engaged with him for a number of months and the vet he saw within the hour before he was handed over to me. I can't comment on the state of his mouth at that point but believe it highly unlikely that a cat in such an advanced stage of this disease would be showing no signs of a dental/gum problem just four days previously.

I contacted the adoption volunteer every day during those four days and expressed increasing concern at Clyde's condition. I requested confirmation that a health check had actually taken place,specific information about the result and some advice. I was ignored each time and am still waiting for a response to my questions despite the volunteer being aware of Clyde's subsequent death.

Feline kidney disease is a common and manageable disease, cats can live many happy and healthy years with the condition (Jemima lived with it for a decade after diagnosis) but only if they have a responsible owner and good veterinary support. Clyde was failed by all those, owners and experts alike, who should have cared for him and identified a problem - either early on to enable him to live a good life with the condition or latterly so his dreadful suffering could have been ended sooner.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Keep off the boat!

Keep the TV off - this is definitely not a problem one for me, I never bother to put it on!

Go on a boat Day - I spent the day at Harlow Carr, there are no boats at Harlow Carr.

Well, that was short and sweet - like me! 

Or is that simple?

Monday, 17 August 2015

Fetish Much?!

This week was all about the feet!

Pedicure Day - I'm kind of hesitant to put another picture of my feet on here, the last one is still the most viewed photo on the blog - usually as a result of a google search. I often do a pedicure at home (I don't mind me touching my toes), the rest of me may be going to hell in a hand-basket but I take care of my feet!

Bare feet Day - I'd go barefoot all the time if I could, I rarely wear slippers in the house and only ever wear socks (of the thick and fluffy variety) for snuggly comfort in winter (or when I'm feeling sorry for myself).

When I do have to wear socks they tend to be of the odd variety.


Global celebration of toes Day - I have a thing about toes.


Not that sort of thing.

I don't like mine being touched, which is a shame since I'd love to try reflexology at Kanchanas at some point - I'll have to feel the fear and do it anyway I think! It's like flip-flops, I've never been able to wear flip-flops - largely because my toes don't separate or move independently of each other (don't worry, I haven't got webbed feet or anything!) which mine truly, with his monkey feet, thinks is just weird.

He calls me flipper foot.

And can't understand why I can't swim since I have built in flippers.

Out. of. Order.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Biscuits and Pina Colada!

What is it with the biscuits?!!! There's usually biscuit related activities but this year it's more than a little obsessive - and yet there's only one 'Drink Champagne Just Because Day'?

Have a pina colada Day - I'm not overly keen on coconut flavourings so didn't want to overdo this one! So we shared a frozen pina colada slush puppy type thing :-) Putting lime and sugar on the rim of the glass helped disguise the any taste of coconut and I could have actually, easily, had another one - or several!

International eat biscuits Day - There is actually a Biscuit Appreciation Society, with over 3,000,000 members, check it out f you're into that sort of thing.

I've had quite enough of biscuits for the time being so instead chose to  remember my favorite biscuit related post - Eating Biscuits Day from way back in 2010!

And once again the week took a turn for the worst (in fact it started that way), this time, after 19 years, we had to say goodbye to my beautiful Jemima, gone to play with Rosie.

Monday, 3 August 2015

July Mission - The Results!

Hmmm, I'm not sure I can claim a success with this one. Neither was it a total failure though so that's good enough for me!

I took Rachel and Bernie for a picnic to Harlow Carr when they had their Summer Evening late opening, I baked a pavlova (again!) for Kevin and Ray, offered my tent (yes it leaked but it would have been fine as a summer garden tent) to a friend and her young daughter, signed up to the St Michael's Midnight Walk in September and donated to their Sunflower appeal in memory of my Mum, cleaned and shopped for Aunty Betty (nothing new there but I did it so it counts!) and took her some 'spare' shopping I had.

I can't think of anything else at the moment (I really must try to somehow keep track of the monthly challenges as the month progresses!) so that'll have to do!

I did rescue the camping trip though (well remembered Orange!)! Having spent the time and effort to lug the tent and a reel hose into town and back to re-waterproof the tent before our trip to Wales in anticipated inclement weather we were somewhat disappointed to find it leaked (right at the top and over the sleeping bag!) in the heavy downpours we were subjected to!  Despite John's protests I'd taken our waterproof picnic blanket which I then had the genius idea of using as a shield between the inner and outer tents (cue rousing heroic theme music). Admittedly it was John who did all the work (in the rain) but we'd have both been very wet if it hadn't been for my idea!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

August Mission!

I'm at it again - I'm going to swap August and September! Because August will be more appropriate in September :-)

And because I can.

So, August (September) Mission is;


It is time this month to be celebrated and adored!

To get on TV or the side of a bus or the stage & feel like the star that I am!

To don lycra and move to my own music, to dance like no-one's watching, sing like nobody's listening (eat biscuits like someone may come & take them any minute)

August is my moment to reveal my natural talent & SHINE!