Saturday, 30 October 2010

Oh Dear, is it a Day Day?

Shingle bells, shingle bells..............

You thought I'd forgotten all about you didn't you?

I wouldn't do that to you! It's been a bizarre last few weeks, largely due to the adverse reaction I had to one of the tablets I've been on since being diagnosed with shingles (on my knee of all places!) a couple of weeks ago - I have a new appreciation for those experiencing mental ill health. Anyway, as of Wednesday I'm starting to feel like me again, you'll be thrilled I know, and am slowly starting to pick up all the plates I dropped in the last few weeks (figuratively speaking of course) including the diary and blog!

So, I missed Making Waves Wednesday, Feed the Ducks Day, Do Something I've Never Done Before Day, Big Breakfast Saturday, Magic Monday and Annally Tidy Day. Don't panic, I'll reschedule!

I have, however, had opportunity to do the DVD Marathon Day again (several times over!) as promised back in June!

I did the whole guilty pleasure dvd's - Slipper and the Rose, Brigadoon, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Carousel etc in addition to a whole host of other movies including State of Play, From Paris With Love, Casablanca (not sure whether this should sit in the guilty pleasures category?) and The Book of Eli. The majority of my waking hours though have been spent watching West Wing, again. As this is now the fourth viewing of the series I guess I should be at the stage where I can recite the script with them...........I'm sorry to say I haven't yet even reached the stage where I understand what's going on!

A huge thank you to everyone for the cards, visits, morale boosting calls from Boss at 'the ranch', flowers, chocolates, ghost stories, hugs, offers of shopping and good wishes (I mean actual good wishes, not offers of good wishes!). As part of her contribution to care in the community Bernie took me to the supermarket to pick up a few bits so extra thanks for that and also to Bernie and John for taking me to theirs to make sure I ate a proper meal (and yes Broadie I AM eating the fruit!)!

Ah, that reminds me I can talk now about the huge, momentous bigginess mentioned on Notice Small Things Day! Broadie is now Slimmy, sorry, I meant Mrs Slimmon (don't think I'll ever be able to stop calling her Broadie though - Webby'd know all about that!), here's a photos of the couple on this very happy ocassion (and one of my interesting headgear later (after much champagne and cocktails))!

Right, I reckon that's enough for now!


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Eat Loads of Chocolate Day

Yesterday (Monday 11th October) was Eat Loads of Chocolate Day!

I forgot!

With being off work it totally threw me and it was only when I'd hobbled to work that I realised it was a 'day'.

Thank the heavens for Cathryn though - she arrived at work with a gift of chocolates in acknowledgement of the day! The chocolates were absolutely lovely - each was shaped like a flower - and from a fabulous looking (judging by the accompanying leaflet) speciality chocolate shop.

And to accompany the lovely chocolates....................

...........the perfect greeting card for the day!

The chocolates did the rounds at work (sorry Boss - you need to plan your visits better!) and I even managed to save a few to take home, Bernie and John were forced to have one (well John didn't take much forcing to be honest ;-) and I ate the rest last night! Now I'm left with the chocolate I'd bought for the day in my cupboards, I generally don't really do chocolate but I'm sure I can force myself to have some at some point - surely it'd be rude not to?!

Thank you Cathryn!


Friday, 8 October 2010

Flirt to the Maximum Day

Yesterday (Thursday 7 October) was Flirt to the Maximum Day!

I'm currently off work with knee and shoulder injuries and as it turned out the only opportunities I had for this were with my ex, my sister, her fiance and two worried looking cats!

In the interests of all of us I decided to give this one a miss for now!