Sunday, 2 June 2013

June Togetherness Mantra!

So, this lovely month I will...

  • Tell Jokes
  • Pay compliments
  • Send things in the post to people I love
  • Make it my mission to spread togetherness wherever I go
  • Test the theory that there are only six degrees of seperation
  • Meet new people
  • Say yes a lot
 ...and just kind of see what happens and where things take me.

Yes, June, you are the month of go-with-the-flow-who-knows-where-we'll-go, you are!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Outside-ness Mantra - The Results!

Ok, here we go...(reminder of the Mantra HERE)

Even if the weather had been ok there's no way in heaven or hell that flip flop o'clock would be happening - nothing gets between my toes.  Apparently this is because I have freaky flipper feet, personally I'd much rather have my flipper feet than weird hand-feet which are capable of picking up tennins balls between the toes!

I'm well and truly out of my comfort zone - and yes, it is where the magic happens!

Ah, 82% of my time in nature? Um, no, not this month.  Although despite the continuing wintry weather there was a spot of Alfresco with a picnic in the sun (yes, I said sun) at the Valley Gardens.

And I have spent a night under the stars, in fact I've spent several!  'Chap who is too good to be true' continues to live up to his name and surprised me by covering my ceiling in glow in the dark stars to make this one happen for me!

I didn't run til my legs hurt but I have started dancing again and achieved the same result, I have laughed until my belly (and everything else) aches and I have had a picnic (see above).

I haven't been to places I've never been...but I will - I've renewed my passport and planned a trip to Krakow :-)

And my whole life feels like an adventure right now, so yes, May you were indeed a breath-of-fresh-air kind of month!