Saturday, 21 June 2014

Treat Your Body Like a Biscuit Eating Temple!

Ok, so this week (week before last) I was supposed to treat my body like a temple one day and then like a biscuit eating machine the following day.

In my experience it's usually the other way around, gluttonous over-indulgence (and it's never biscuits - unless it's cream crackers almost obscured by vast quantities of cheese) followed by a brief period of remorse induced abstinence.

Given that I'd already achieved the eating 7 types of biscuit challenge the previous week I decided to forgo the biscuit eating machine element of this particular week and progress straight to treating my body like a temple.

Which pretty much meant ignoring the currently almost constant pain in my neck and hip and the incessant hunger pangs brought on by the steroids I'm currently on and focusing instead on walking to and from work every day (and refusing any kindly offered lifts) and dancing to the just dance game on the Wii (with very little evidence of either co-ordination or rhythm) for 30 minutes each night before knocking myself out with my painkillers and going bed early because I can't eat if I'm asleep - I'm not entirely sure what sort of temple I'm trying to achieve here but I really don't think any of these 10 most beautiful temples in the world have anything to fear ;-)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Biscuits and Wild Abandon!

Wild Abandon Day - I was kind of wildly abandoned when Bernie and I went to see the fabulous Billy Ocean, starting with a lovely early bird meal at b.e.d and followed by a bottle of prosecco! Right from the very first song we were on our feet and dancing at the front along with a sizable amount of the audience.

Unfortunately this included one woman who took wild abandon a little too far! She was of amazonian proportions and had imbibed a little too much alcohol - this resulted in her throwing herself around in a fairly tight group of people and smacking several people in the head with her flailing arms. Of course she was blissfully unaware of the carnage she was causing which was only brought under some control when a few of us (including her clearly embarrassed friend) pointed it out to her, the result of which was aggression and abuse!

She then proceeded to just lean drunkenly against the back of yours truly and attempt to jump up and down at the same time - I've never been that close to another human being before without being naked.

(Close enough that her gyrations resulted in her necklace getting caught up in the back of my top).

It was mildly gratifying though, after listening to her screaming suggestively at the stage (mostly via my ear) throughout the evening, to see her embarrassing, and increasingly desperate, offers getting firmly knocked back, one by one, by every male band member at the end of the night.

If I ever behave like that when I reach that age (or at this age even) I would hope that someone would do me the favour of shooting me.

Eat 7 different types of biscuit day - I don't really do biscuits but having had a scrounge around (and thanks mainly to Auntie Betty who supplies the majority) I did manage to find a piece of well preserved shortbread and mini gingerbread man left over from Christmas, a caramel wafer, a chocolate covered marshmallow teacake, a lemon and raisin shortbread biscuit, a cream cracker and a proper ginger which is actually quite impressive in this household!

I can make up for it though with the accompanying tea in the mug which Anna got me for a previous biscuit related day! And I couldn't mention biscuits without including a nod to the long gone but never forgotten Iced Shortie!

The other thing for last week was to lie in sunbeams - if I'd found even the merest hint of one I'd have happily had a lie down!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Love the Rain More than the Sun!

Given all the rain this weekend I thought it was a good opportunity to get a head start and squeeze in part of the June mission...

I've always liked the rain - I wouldn't necessarily say more than I like the sun, but I've certainly always thought it has it's merits...

Which brought the below one hit wonder to mind - and then I started thinking of other songs about rain and once I started I just couldn't stop, feel free to let me know if I missed any...

Saturday, 7 June 2014

June Mission!

June Mission

Perfect the art of the Flipside
Turn any situation to your advantage
Love the rain as much as the sun
See the positive on the underside of every

Go forth and ALWAYS see the flipside

Friday, 6 June 2014

May Mission - The Results!

Mission recap here -

Not the best of months I'm afraid with a death, a funeral, a bit of a scare (and a £120 vet call out fee!) with Rosie and several other not so happy things over the course of the month :-(

However, there were also good things with a wedding, a Eurovision party and a birthday meal all of which gave me time to spend with some of my favourite people :-)

As a result of it being a bit of a weird one I managed to miss every single diary day so I'm going to shift them all into this month (including the first week of this month which I've also missed!)!