Tuesday, 30 November 2010

No Rude Words Allowed Day!

Yesterday was No Rude Words Allowed Day!


After giving Dennis feedback about his use of rude words in the office I'm ashamed to say that I let the side down badly when I got home, just as it started snowing again, and couldn't get into the building! I've somehow managed to bend the key! So I had visions of having to sit in the snow on my doorstep and wait at least an hour for Bernie to rescue me with my spare keys - luckily I managed to bend it back just enough to force it in the door (but Bernie's on standby just in case I can't do the same tonight!)! I don't remember exactly but I'd be very surprised if rude words weren't included in my furious doorstep mutterings!

Must try harder!


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Big Breakfast Saturday!

Today is Big Breakfast Saturday!

I was originally planning to do the whole full English thing but a recent reintroduction to my sandwich toaster derailed my plans (yes Bernie, it's your fault!)!

So, instead I thought I'd have my favourite toasties!

Green pepper
Tinned beans and sausages
Oh yeah, and bread obviously!

These are toasties that definitely require a knife and fork! Messy but soooo worth it!


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Telling All Your Friends How Brilliant They Are Day!

Today is Telling All My Friends How Brilliant They Are Day!

I did this using the powers of facebook, Royal Mail and magnetism (sounds like I'm building up to a Blue Peter special - and look what I made earlier!)

I was accused of cheating by some (by using facebook), stating the obvious by others (on facebook) and making some cry at work (Royal Mail)! The magnets were well received - although we've discovered that there's not much that's actually made of metal in the office to stick them to!

Anyway, hopefully one way or another the message was received - all my friends are brilliant!

I'll tell you what else is brilliant (no, no, NOT cheesy peas - or milk!)........ Movember. Movember is brilliant! Movember raises funds and awareness of prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men in the UK. Some chaps at the office are dutifully growing facial hair, any donations are more tham welcome here El Mustachio, all donations from Movember go to The Prostate Cancer Charity.

The Three Moustacheers: Neil Smith, Matteo Sole andTony Dell showing off the shape of things to come!


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cheery Tuesday!

Today is Cheery Tuesday!

I've actually felt surprisingly cheery! Had I been capable of it I might have even skipped to work, seriously!

I think it may have something to do with being back at work (yes, that's right, I did say that my cheeriness may have something to do with being back at work!), almost five weeks of my own company has taken its toll - I really don't know how everyone else copes with me and I now have a finer appreciation of the effort required by those hardy souls who choose to count me amongst their friends and family (well, obviously there's not much my family can do about it!) - although it's been very tiring (and it's only been 2 days) it's very good to be back in the land of the living!

I received a lovely invitation to a party in December for a very dear friend (don't worry Kevin, I won't mention which birthday it is!) and Boss arrived here today for a couple of days which is always a morale boosting experience (I was tempted to leave out the morale boosting bit and just leave it at experience ;-), had a good catch up with Nads and am spending the rest of the evening with The President (West Wing) so I fully expect the cheeriness to continue til bedtime!


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Big Bang Friday!

Friday 5th November (of course!) was Big Bang Friday!

I didn't go out to a firework display - I stayed at home and watched several from my bedroom window with the panoramic views over Harrogate (on a clear day I can see as far as the white horse at Sutton Bank!)!

I took a couple of photos but it was the fisrt time I'd used the firework settings on my camera so it took me a while to get used it (this is my way of saying I missed the really good ones!) and the zoom isn't as good as I'd like it to be so I didn't get many - anyway, here's a couple I did manage to get!

It was more of a Big Bang Saturday really - I went to the Stray firework display with Bernie and John. Having practised the night before I was at least able to get some better photos so here they are.

(Is it just me or does John bear a resemblence to either Shrek or Sloth from The Goonies in the first photo?)

I like this one - I was trying to get a photo of some of the many chinese lanterns in the sky, no idea what happened 'cos the image looks nothing like what I was seeing but I'm liking the UFO effect!

And I think this may be my favourite!