Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Seek Out Baby Animals and Wink Suggestively!

But not at the same time (that's just wrong)!

I was supposed to seek out baby animals and behold their cuteness on Saturday and wink suggestively at people on Sunday.

Saturday consisted of my monthly thai massage at the wonderful Kanchana after which it was straight on the Spring Flower Show at the Yorkshire Showground to volunteer at the plant creche - the only animals in sight were the ones carved out of wood or metal, none of them were babies and whilst some of them, the dragons in particular, were fabulous to behold none of them could be described as cute!

Sunday was the Battle of the Hotels Tug of War at the Cairn Hotel - in aid of St Michael's Hospice and featuring mine truly as part of the Cairn team it was an ideal opportunity to wink suggetsively at members of the opposing teams. Or it would have been had I not been busy squinting at my phone to keep an eye on the football results to keep mine truly up to speed whilst he was busy putting up a valiant effort against the St George victors!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Plant Things and Eat Chocolate!

Plant something and watch it Grow!

I did something a little different for this one and 'planted' spring onion bulbs in a glass of water... my surprise they started to grow again within a couple of hours :-)

To my dismay they seem to have stopped and haven't reached further than below in the last couple of days :-( will try again with the next bunch!

Be at One with Chocolate...well, as it was Easter Sunday it'd be rude not to!

It was also an opportunity (excuse) to watch my favourite film - when I was little this was on every Easter along with the cartoon version of The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe :-)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Last week This Week!

Things are slipping a little and I'm losing track of what's happening in any given week! The good news is that I've just done something amazing (well I was amazed by the results anyway, but then it doesn't take much) for this week's blog and in the meantime here's last weeks!

Gaze at clouds day

Hmmm, well there were certainly plenty of them about during the week and they all chose to open directly above us on Monday during the half hour walk home from town. We were far too busy trying to hold our heads up under the sheer force of the torrential downpour to worry about what was going on above us in the clouds but it did look very impressive (in an end-of-world armageddony type way - and from the warm, dry safety of the kitchen) when it looked like it was threatening to happen again a little later.

Break out into a sweat day

Horses sweat
Men perspire
Women glow...
(according to my mum) which case this was a glowing success (dreadful, sorry) on Saturday when we spent the day in the Big Smoke - it really is warmer down South! People were bundled up in hats and scarves on the tube and all I wanted to do was get as many layers as decently possible off - the fact that I only just made it onto one of carriages as the doors were closing certainly helped with the whole glowingness thing! With my sense of direction (or lack of to be precise) and my travel blindness being lost on the London Underground is not in any way a desirable outcome - logically I know I'd be fine (and I've traversed from A to B (and even C) on several occassions on my own down there) but it still panicks me for some reason!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wear Colours While Spontaneously Eating Chocolate!

I managed the wearing of colours - round my neck if nowhere else.

With this...

...this is what happens when I get my jewellery making stuff out to sort through for ebay - the only time I'm inspired anymore is when I'm contemplating getting rid of it all!

It wasn't a spontaneous party on saturday but we did go to the Buble tribute act at the Cairn which ended up with all of us up on the dance floor - which was at least unplanned (and in some cases definitely wasn't going to happen - until it did!).

And I'm postponing the 'being at one with chocolate' activities until next weekend when I can stuff my face with all the Easter eggs my nearest and dearest are bound to provide for me...

(nearest and dearest please take the hint...)

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

April Mission!

Happify yourself & everyone you meet!
Be the happiest person you know, the one everyone wants at their party.
Mix crazy cocktails for no reason at all (who needs a reason?)
Think up silly things to do on an ordinary Tuesday
Learn to know the things that will make me feel instantly happy when I do them
This April...go forth and BE HAPPY!