Monday, 28 June 2010

International Do Nothing Day

Yesterday (Sunday 27 June) was International Do Nothing Day

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to the England team for their support - go, go, gadget team.

Secondly, I cheated.

But, seriously, how can you not cheat at this one?? If I'd stayed in bed all day doing nothing I'd still have been staying in bed all day doing nothing, which is something in itself - aaarrrgh!

So, here are all the things I did on Do Nothing Day,

Got up
Fed Conehead and Rosie
Showered and dressed
Walked to the Pine Woods (5 minutes - don't panic)
Got Happy (what is it about dogs? Happy, playful, tail wagging dogs, a great big group of them, the answer to everything is in there somewhere - I'm sure of it)
Walked back home (stopping en route for lemonade)
Made a big jug of Pimms n stuff and a big plate of sandwiches
Watched the 'match' (and I use the term in the vaguest sense)
Fed Conehead and Rosie
Watched Grey's Anatomy (nearly there, only 4 episodes left, thank god, before I can get back to what I laughingly refer to as 'my life')
Fed Conehead and Rosie
Went to bed

I would have also written on here about Smile at a Random Day yesterday but felt that would be seriously crossing the line into 'doing something' territory!

Smile at a Random Day

Thursday July 24 was Smile at a Random Day

I guess it depends on what you mean by random, is it someone you don't know or is it someone you do know who's also a 'bit random'? To make sure I covered all bases I did both - it's up to you which you think is which!

1. Boss (via VC)
2. Two Total strangers (in Boss's VC room when they shouldn't have been)
3. Helicoptor officers (we were visted by West Yorkshire Police air support today - all very exciting - I got to sit in the helicopter but they wouldn't take me up in it, apparently although I have enough airmiles to cover a trip in a helicopter, West Yorks Police don't participate in the scheme - who knew?!)
4. Rudy (seriously, I couldn't have planned it any better, you just don't get any more Random! And no, I don't have a fag, and, no, I don't have a pound either)
5. Man with Dog (poor bloke, dragging the cutest little girly dog I've ever seen after him, it insisted on stopping and refusing to move every time it passed another person)
6. Surly bus driver (obligatory grunt recieved in return)
7. My dad (although this wasn't in person - I got home to a postcard which stopped suddenly half way through and wasn't signed at all, hmm, perhaps get the cards written before the wine's opened!)

I think this day would have been much more interesting with the addition of alcohol and a night out!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Try a New Hairstyle Day!

Today is Try a New Hairstyle Day!

Budget permitting I would have really gone to town on this one with all sorts of sparkly, feathery, glittery, over the top stuff (to the point where I'd have struggled to lift my head), luckily I could only stretch to multicoloured strands of fake hair type stuff (technical term)!

Linda, mother of 2 girls, did a fantastic job of plaiting my hair and weaving the strands of colour in and I managed to avoid falling asleep while she did so (am I the only person who actually used to like the nit nurse visiting school?)!

Here's the result!

I have to admit I loved this look - I've grown very attached to the colours, they will definitely be used again!

A few close ups

Now I'm not sure if I'll get accused of cheating or somehow invalidating the day but I've actually tried 2 new hairstyles! When I undid the plaits and unpicked the coloured strands out I had definite crimped look!

Well it was certainly more exciting than Cup of Tea Tuesday that's for sure, it remains to be seen whether Smile at a Random Day (tomorrow) will top it!

Cup of Tea Tuesday!

Yesterday (Tuesday 22 June) was Cup of Tea Tuesday

I had a cup of tea.

End of.

Captain's Log Supplemental

Re DVD Mararthon Day

I have to issue an apology, apparently I cheated! It's a matter of opinion but I've been told that Grey's Anatomy doesn't count so as penance, amongst other things, I have to schedule a further DVD marathon comprising of all my guilty secret DVD's (get your mind out of the gutter!)!

So, coming soon, to a screen near you.......................

DVD Marathon Day 2 - The Sequel

Sunday, 20 June 2010

DVD Marathon Day

Today is DVD Marathon Day, I made sure I was stocked up on pepsi, popcorn (cinema sweet), chocolate, wine (for the evening viewings!) and pear drops (proper, traditional Dobson's pear drops, not sure why but they're even more fabulous with white wine!) and cracked on at 8am!

Started with The Graduate (tragic), squeezed in a couple of episodes of Grey's Anatomy (to feed my current addiction) moved on to Extraordinary Methods (ok, but a bit drawn out), a couple more Grey's followed by Dear John (good chick flick), more Grey's and finally The Boat that Rocked (absolutely loved this - fabulous soundtrack, including one of my current favourite songs!)

All in all, a successful DVD Marathon!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Eye Candy Spotting Day!

Thursday 17 June was eye candy spotting day!

Eye Candy
The term eye candy refers to attractiveness, a common slang term for visually appealing persons or effects used to draw mass attention is eye candy. The implication is that they are eye-catching in a superficial fashion, for example due to adding an element of sexuality. Like actual "candy", this addition is seen to be neither nutritious nor substantial, but rather provides a potentially addictive appeal which will sustain the attention of a wider audience, possibly despite their better nature. (Wikipedia)

Ok, I'd like to start this by talking about Jeff Goldblum. Now, under normal circumstances Jeff isn't what could be considered eye candy (in my opinion), however, one of the last scenes in Independance Day and a brief moment in one of the Holsten Pils ads (in the early 90's) definitely qualify him as eye candy in my book (it's the way he walks in the desert and the smile (and knowing look) in the advert!)!

So, my point is that eye candy is all in the eye of the beholder at any given moment, or is that every dog has its day or could it be that one beholder's trash is another beholder's treasure - or all of the above!

Thank you to all those who were willing to be photographed

Ray - thinking person's crumpet!

Denis, Boss and Paul - often mistaken for the three muskateers!

Andy and Miles - often mistaken for Batman and Robin!

Santa - come on, there's no denying that this is eye candy!

Charles - THE best cafe in Harrogate

Keith - my seperated at birth (by 25 years and different parents) brother!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Eating Biscuits Day!

Tuesday 8 June was Eating Biscuits Day - you're not going to believe this but this was one of the most successful days so far!

How? I know, I know, you're asking yourself the same question I did - how is there really any way to make this day exciting or fun (or different to any other day!) at all?

Follow me dear reader and allow me to explain.....................

Ok, in the absence of any ideas at all I surrendered to the cop out option of taking a box of biscuits to the bar on Tuesday evening, I unenthusiastically unwrapped them and unceremoniously dumped them in the middle of the table advising my companions that they had to eat a biscuit and have their photo taken (this was met with great enthusiasm as you can imagine).

The biscuits!

Once I'd broken up the resulting fights over who was going to go first I managed to snap this photo of Boss and Louise - are you impressed yet?

Eating Biscuits Day happened to coincide with Quiz Night at the bar so we all gamely threw in our entrance fee and started with the picture round - pay attention this is where it gets good - just look at the pictures for the picture round! We (team name - BAS (Biscuit Appreciation Society)) got all 20 pictures correct and lost the tie breaker which was something to do with honeybees - which would have only been any use to us had it been Sting Like a Honeybee Day!

By now the water was flowing (yes, water, I can prove it later) and more willing participants (aka victims) had joined our little party!

I was most impressed towards the end of the night when this

was created with the remaining biscuits (see - water, no idea who the wine belongs to - honest ;-), thank you Paul!

Anyway, that was Eating Biscuits Day, I suspect I haven't quite succeeded in convincing you just how exciting it all was - I guess you had to be there, on reflection though perhaps it's best you weren't!

Eating Biscuits Day conveniently coincides with the return of Vinnie! (I'm obsessed with pandas - this advert is pure genius!)

Go to your supermarket - tell them Vinnie sent you, for the good stuff!!

Wild Abandon Day

Friday 4 June was Wild Abandon Day - don't want to talk about this one because I can't wait to tell you all about Eating Biscuits Day! Suffice to say wilds were abandoned!