Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Don't Panic - I'm Still Here!

Ooops, so it never occurred to me that disappearing for weeks on end after a post largely related to my funeral arrangements may have been just a tad unwise.

I apologise for any distress caused, rest assured that rumours of my demise have been somewhat exaggerated!

I have no idea what happened, all of a sudden I woke up one morning and just couldn't do it anymore, in fact it was a feeling very similar to that of my increasing distaste for making jewellery once I was trying to do it for a living.  I strongly suspect that my recent foray into the world of jewellery creation for Meller's birthday (and the fact that the world didn't crumble as a result - in fact I rather liked it!) may be responsible for this current putting pen to paper, so to speak.

So, what have I missed?

Eye candy spotting day, climb a tree day, wild abandon day, absolutely phenomenal Friday, push the boat out day, chewing gum wall, strange make up day, lie on the grass day, fiesty Friday, be at one day, odd shoes day, drink champagne just because, get on tv day, most awesome wednesday, bounce a ball day, snoozy saturday, stupendous sunday,  wear a dress day - to name but a few (no doubt some of these will appear at some, as yet unknown, future date).

And what have you missed?

Visit to a strip club (Boss's reaction has to be the best..."How much did you earn?")
Vintage fair
Picnic in the park
Breaking my 'no man 2012' vow

And that was just one weekend!

Today I've realised that I've already got September off to a good start, one of the extra activities for this month is 'wear a hat' (you may remember last year) and, in a totally unplanned wardrobe malfunction, I actually ended up wearing a straw cowboy hat all night on Saturday 1st September at Charlie's Place during the live music - result!

Apparently, according to one chap, it really suited me and I look good in hats - funny though, I don't recall my cleavage wearing one.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now, other than that the moon is red tonight!  I'll be back again but not at the break neck daily pace of before - I like to keep you guessing!