Monday, 26 October 2015

Feed the ducks!

Feed some ducks Day - I dutifully intended to set off in search of them at the Valley Gardens with a bag of bread crusts I've been saving (I've been freezing them - I wasn't going to feed them mouldy bread!) but unfortunately it absolutely tipped it down the one day I was free and, whilst I have a healthy degree of commitment to many of the challenges, I just wasn't prepared to venture out in torrential rain!

In fact there's only one thing the weather was good for - ducks!

At least I did better than last year when I ate duck instead of feeding it.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Take up hats!

Give up one thing and take up another thing Day - I didn't give anything up but John has - he's done fantastically well at giving up smoking so far this month :-) And I took up his corner in helping to support him!

Be ridiculously nice to your partner Day - I've been much nicer than usual (not that I'm not usually nice to him though!) since he's stopping smoking this month and I don't want to drive him to taking it back up again! So, he's had more texts than usual and a sandwich and drink waiting for him (with a supportive post-it!) when he's got home from each late shift!

Wear a hat Day - I have quite a few hats and would probably have already started wearing some by this time but as it's been unseasonably warm so far this month they've stayed where there are! However, it's been very cold indoors of an evening so...

Monday, 12 October 2015

Panda Pride!

Be proud of yourself Day - ?

Flirt Outrageously Day - ??

Jump out of something Day - ???

Learn about Pandas Day - This!

4 challenges in one week and, let's face it, the other 3 didn't stand a chance when one of them involved learning about pandas!

I already know a lot about them (like the fact that they have S shaped penises - which may well explain the reproduction difficulties ha!) so decided to use this day as the perfect excuse to hop on a train to Edinburgh (as you do) and go and see a live one for the first time!!

Now anyone who knows me will know that I have a huge collection of panda themed 'stuff' (a large amount of which is regrettably packed away at present), and there's not a room in our home where at least one panda can't be found. Not to mention the 2 small, and discreetly placed, panda tattoos I have.

I took a few photos of some of the pandas round the house (after just doing the lounge and kitchen I thought it best to stop!)...

Eventually I'd like to go to China to visit a panda sanctuary but in the meantime this is the next best thing, and was something there was no way Bernie was going to let me do without her being there to witness it! So off we trotted to Edinburgh Zoo to see the Ailuropoda Melanoleuca.

We couldn't have picked a better day, it was ridiculously hot and sunny, the views were incredible and we timed our panda viewing slot perfectly!

Apparently the male (Yang Guang (meaning Sunlight)) tends to get restless towards the end of the day so he kept coming in and out of the indoor enclosure to see us!

I added to my panda collection with a few bits and bobs...

...and I did learn that there's a panda tartan!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

84% Duvet Day!

Be 84% naughty Day - see below...

Duvet Day - I've been waiting aaages for one of these, and it happened during a week when there just wasn't any opportunity to actually do it! I did have a few evening snuggles under the lovely rust-orange fluffy throw Pops and Olive got me for my birthday but that was all I could manage.

So, by my reckoning I managed about 16% of a duvet day. 

Which means I was 84% naughty by not achieving the challenge in full.

(work with me here)

Thursday, 1 October 2015

October Mission!

So, October's Mission is...

Gazing into the future of contemplating my full potential, taking the helm on my ship called destiny (my ship would not be called destiny - my ship would be called) and taking charge of my tomorrows!

The dream Job, dream person, dream house (and dream cheeseboard) are all within reach.

I must first imagine them, think like a crystal ball, look into the cards, the tea leaves, my heart and design a SPECTACULATOMORROW!