Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October Mission - The Results!

So, in the pursuit of a fabulous tomorrow I did indeed look into the tea leaves and the cards!

I found an "authentic" online tarot card reading at tarot4me.com, which sounded exactly like the sort of reliable and credible source I was looking for...

I particularly liked that my card to "describe situations that are currently helping or interfering with my progress" was 'The Fool' and the advice was to "look out for those that think they know what they are doing but really have no idea." I don't need to look out for them, they seek me out with little or no encouragement. On a daily basis.

It seems my 'Present' card is 'Judgement', "If I get things right then everything will turn out in my favour, if not then there may be problems ahead." Well duh. Apparently the 'Future', being 'The Sun' card means a happy period for me though so I guess maybe that means I'll get things right?

When it comes to my 'Goal' it appears that 'The Moon' means that there are forces working against me. Would that be all 43 of them or just the usual "treachery, deception, and unknown danger."  it portents?

When it comes to 'Myself' my card is 'The Star', basically I'm awesome and the future is bright. No surprise to anyone that one then.

My 'Outside Influences' over which I have no control are represented by 'The Tower' card, apparently "this is not a very nice card when associated with the devil or death" - I only have 2 cards left to turn over at this point...

And wouldn't you just know it - my 'Inner Self' card is indeed 'The Devil'. It represents that my "actions are motivated by negative influences such as temptation, addiction, greed, lust or power. Alternatively, I may be the victim and suffer from lack of control, subordination, weakness, and now find myself trapped in a situation I never intended to get into." Yep, that sounds like me, all of it ;-)

My final card 'The Outcome' is 'Temperance', which seems to imply that "with patience and moderation my future will stabilise and I can look forward to a time of happiness and harmony." It does also warn though to avoid friends or family upsetting this harmony with their problems.

So all in all as long as I avoid the forces working against me, treachery, deception, unknown danger, those who don't know what they're doing and friends or family with problems then everything should come up smelling of roses. Simples.

Moving swiftly on to the tea leaves....

...you too can teach yourself to read tea leaves here. I say "too" but perhaps this is misleading - my attempt was such an abomination that I couldn't even bring myself to photograph the resulting mushy mess. If my cards are anything to go by I may have just sealed my fate by not doing this right as per the 'Judgement' card presiding over my 'Present'. Bring forth the forces of treachery, deception and unknown dangers - not quite the fabulous tomorrow I was seeking!

And I'm still waiting to get my email from Alisha who claimed she was going to "get to work right away and send my revelations that nobody has ever been capable of revealing to me before now"...

Call me a cynic but I strongly suspect that every single person using this completely free service may find that they've arrived at just the right time as she was right in the middle of a Numerology session. In fact a number probably appeared when they arrived.Number 7. Immediately, she may see a brunette whose name starts with the letter M...

In keeping with the destiny/fate type theme (and the fact that it's Halloween) I also watched the one and only film featuring a ouji board which you're ever likely to get me to see (I cannot believe this film is 21 years old!!)!

And I'd totally forgotten that the theme song is by Mr Bolton!

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