Thursday, 29 April 2010

Thursday to End All Thursdays!

Thursday 29 April is allegedly the Thursday to end all Thursdays - not sure whether this is supposed to be a good thing?!

The fact that I'd booked the day off work certainly got today off to a good start with a 2 hour lie in!

After climbing up and down ladders all day to switch the smoke alarms off (I've just had a water meter fitted in my flat hence the smoke, apparently it has a few tricks up its sleeve, it's intelligent, 100% accurate and hassle free - I'm wondering is it worth asking if they make men too?) and carrying boxes up and down stairs I'm finishing the day off with a take away and hot tub at Nadines (Happy Birthday Nadine!)!

Not quite a Thursday to end all Thursdays but still, I'm not complaining!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Amazing Monday!

Monday 26 April is amazing Monday and surprisingly it's been very good (not sure I'd go as far as amazing but good all the same!)!

The sun's been shining, I seem to have got through loads of little things that really needed doing at work and, following a good weekend, I just seem to have a general feeling of wellbeing - of course it could just be that I have Thursday and Friday off work this week and bank holiday on Monday!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

St George's Day

Friday 23 April was St George's Day

Ok, so I could go on and on about the history of St George's Day, real and mythical, but I won't! If you want to know more that's what Google and Wikipedia are for!

The best site I found for a, brief, overview was this one - it's an organisation campaigning for St George's day to be made a bank holiday, sounds like a plan to me!

Thank you to Broadie (decoration supplier extraordinaire!) for supplying the office decorations!

Denis and Martin - they were dancing, really dancing, before I took the photo!

Office plant Bob hates to miss a celebration!

Broccoli Appreciation Day

Tuesday 13 April was Broccoli Appreciation Day (ok, so it should have been on Tuesday 23 March but I missed it!), I've always said that men are my favourite vegetable so maybe it was about time to remember that other vegetables also have their merits!

In celebration I bought enough broccoli to feed a small army, fed some to Bernie and John (with a Sunday roast, I didn't just invite them round and feed them broccoli!) then made broccoli earrings and a broccoli necklace and took the rest into the office!

I knew leaving the hooks in the ceiling when the Christmas decorations came down was a good idea - perfect for hanging broccoli!

I'd initially planned to take my broccoli jewellery off whenever I needed to leave the office but then thought if I'm going to do then I should do it properly - it's amazing how many people commented on how much they liked my jewellery then leaned in a little closer - this was generally followed by "oh my god, is that broccoli?!".

As you can see I roped in a few 'willing' participants in the office!

Denis feeling the broccoli love!

Poor Ray - when he came in to the office I told him I couldn't help him unless he let me take his picture with the broccoli!

I Have No Excuse Day

Oooops! Well, I did warn you (and if I didn't I guess I should have done!), I have been inexcusably slack in continuing with my blog - and in enacting the days to write about on the blog! I missed a few with moving - I tried, really I did, but couldn't find any way of making 'International Do Nothing Day' fit the day I moved house!

So, over the next few days I'm going to be travelling back in time through my diary and finding all the days I've missed so I can reschedule them!

In the meantime, I did manage to do Broccoli Appreciation Day and St Georges Day over the last couple of weeks so the next blogs (yes, I'm doing it now!) will be about them - and if I can remember how to do it they'll also have pictures!