Saturday, 25 January 2014

Experiment and Start a Trend!

This week in the diary I had to do Experimental Cooking Day (technically next week but Webby wasn't available and I do enjoy his enforced participation in these events so I moved it!) and Start a Trend.

I did wonder whether they could be combined and I could start a trend with the experimental cooking but I think this experimental cooking is highly unlikely to catch on and become a trend.

Whilst nowhere near as bad as the Jelly year it was certainly nowhere near as good as the Batter year and I don't think it can really be considered a resounding success in any way!

So, this year encompassed 2 challenges - poaching eggs and then in addition dipping bizarre things in them (not bizarre in their own right, just bizarre to dip in eggs).

I don't like poached eggs. If I'm eating egg it has to be cooked, I don't mind runny yolk at all but if there's any white 'snot' in sight it's likely to result in the full engagement of my gag reflex (and turning a shade of green), and I've never been served a poached egg that hasn't been snotty!

After Webby was less than complimentary about my suggestion that those silicone egg poacher things might work it seemed a challenge was set for this year, so Webby's traditional pan method (not whisked) went up against my silicone method and was expanded to include a microwave egg poacher (my idea) and also John's traditional pan method (whisked).

And here are the things to dip...

  • Carrot
  • Chipsticks
  • Chocolate fingers
  • Liquorice
  • Crab sticks
  • Pink wafers
  • Mini milk ice creams
Unfortunately I had to well and truly concede defeat - the snottiest egg was my silicone one (it also took 5 times as long to cook)

and my microwave ones resembled McDonalds eggs from McMuffins - and you couldn't dip anything in them - FAIL!

John and Webby's snot in sight and perfectly cooked with runny yolk (although John's did look like a small squid).

Carrot - 2 votes 'alright (John and Webby)', 1 vote 'not nice' (me)
Chipsticks - 3 votes 'nice', I think the saltiness of the sticks helped a lot
Chocolate fingers - 1 vote 'alright' (Webby), 1 vote 'strangely inoffensive' (John), 1 vote 'rank' (me)
Liquorice - 3 votes 'disgusting', although in fairness I'm the only one who likes liquorice
Crab stick - 2 votes 'so-so' (John and I), 1 vote 'disgusting' (Webby)
Pink wafer - 1 vote 'alright' (John), 1 vote 'no' (Webby), 1 vote 'wrong' (me)
Mini milk ice cream - unanimously voted retch-tastic

The End

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Send a Letter and Look on the Bright Side!

This week started off with Send a Letter Day on Monday 13th, did you know there's a WikiHow for sending a letter for those in the US who don't know how to?

I sent a card (which is close enough for me).

It didn't arrive.

However...I did recieve something in the post myself later in the week which had been posted to me on Monday 13th :-)

Saturday was Look on The Bright Side Day although it was difficult to find the bright side through all the fog!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Successful Failure?!

Haha! The only thing in the diary this week was 'Try to do a Press Up and Fail Day' and this was supposed to take place on Thursday 9th Jan.

Given that it was the Cairn awards ceremony on Wednesday 8th I suspected this one may be a tad challenging, I didn't suspect that it would have the potential to be 'Try to Get/Wake/Sober Up and Fail Day'.

I think it's safe to say though that, regardless of my state at the time, had I attempted to do a press up onThursday I would have easily achieved the fail!

It also occured to me this week that, having previously decided not to regale (bore) you with tales of 2013, there were some pretty significant diary goals achieved which, on reflection, I think deserve a mention.

I finally managed to break a world record (well, I was part of a group effort) and also managed to get myself on TV at the same time (it's only taken 3 years!)!

And here's the evidence (Bernie and I are on about 00.57)...

 (This is the one we like to call "The moment Bernie tells Heidi there's no Santa.")


Monday, 6 January 2014

Small steps...

My first week with the new diary has gone well (ish) - largely cos there's not much in it for the first week!

I was supposed to be preparing for 2014 world domination on Dec 30th but I confess that, unless watching 4 episodes of the Tudors whilst eating roasted whole elephant garlic and baked camembert counts, I didn't do much in preparation.

On the 3rd Jan I should have given in to legwarmers but was at my Dad and Olive's enjoying a couple of days away with John and, whilst we were definitely well wrapped up, would you believe it I forgot to pack my legwarmers ;-)

I did manage to successfully break a resolution on the 5th though - I missed Dan Burnett's first gig of the year at the Pitcher and Piano (I'd resolved to see more live music this year - particularly Dan's), and I don't even have the excuse that it was school night as I'm off work today! Rubbish!

However - today, in my quest for world domination, I have fearlessly tackled all my paperwork and a few small projects that have been looking at me accusingly from under the chair where I'd hidden them, sorted through the 2 annoyingly crammed kitchen drawers and hung (and filled) the lovely necklace hanger Rachel bought me for Christmas (and I managed to do all of this despite the fact that the cats have taken to booby-trapping the floor with assorted mice (not real), balls and feathery things - all of which they've now arranged in a way which has me seriously considering whether thay're trying to communicate, and not necessarily with me!)

I do have all year to achieve my domination right?

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Ssssshhhhh...(January Mission)


The only excuse I have for my protacted absence is that I've been far too busy having a life to find the time to write about it!

But, having been bought the latest diary (Becoming Ruler of the Universe (and other plans for 2014)) for Christmas, I thought I'd have another go and, instead of trying to post several times a week, aim at a more realistic and manageable once a week or so (but I'm not making any promises you understand - I don't do the 'P' word!).

I thought I'd quietly sneak back in, kind of like I've never been gone, and I was toying with the idea of doing a bit of a recap of the last few months but have decided that

a) I can't be bothered and
b) as future ruler of the universe, I don't have to!

So, I'll just go straight into the overall mission for January shall I?

Stop worrying and START DOING, laugh in the face of what-ifs and if-onlys and venture into the why-nots of my true destiny. Know that most of the things we fear never come to pass, in fact, my mission is to fear only fear be a YES person...a LET'S DO IT person...the bestest possible person a person can be.
This January: Go forth and be fearless!