Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Totally Wow Wednesday!

Wow! Yes, wow! At work today I've learnt loads of really cool new stuff (thank you Damien DeBarra -, the majority of which will also help with my little blog project. You may have noticed (those of you who are paying attention) the addition of photos, links and tags in my postings not to mention the amazing 'delicious' tag cloud!

Happy days!

I just wish I'd taken a photo of my decorated cakes on 'bake a cake day' now that I know I could've put it on here - ah well, no excuse in future! Now I just have to get the house move out of the way and figure out which box I packed the camera in ready for the next event!

Which reminds me - I have a confession to make. I may have missed a couple of days in my blogging endeavours (shock horror!), I definitely missed (in more ways than one!) Pottering Sunday last week (pottering + Sundays seems to feature fairly regularly in this diary - not that I'm complaining mind), however, this one was spent shifting boxes from upstairs to downstairs and packing yet more boxes! I seem to think that the weekend I move is supposed to be something similar too - no chance of that then, I also won't be able to report on it for a while as I'll be incommunicado waiting for my broadband to transfer to the new address!

And the final 'wow' for the day - I've lost my mobile phone - wow.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Bake a cake day!

Ok, I have a confession to make - I cheated! At the moment I have neither the time nor the resources to be baking cakes so I bought a couple and decorated them with blue icing, Mr Men candles and other yummy stuff! I've been out of the office most of the day but each time I've been back there's been less cake so I guess they've been a success!

(hahahaha, on re-reading this I've realised that some may think (and not be entirely surprised) that I decorated a couple (of the love bird variety)! I would like to reassure you that no couples have been harmed (yet) during the making of this blog!)