Monday, 23 February 2015

February Week 3!

Old school day - the theme this year was old school photos - and there's some really bad ones coming up...

Ok, so these obviously aren't school ones (I can only assume they were the type you get in Supermarket foyers sometimes) but when I cam across them I just couldn't resist including them!


And now the school ones start with some class photos from Coppice Valley!

And then the nativity play - I seem to be the only child who doesn't have a t-shirt on their head, I clearly absolutley refused! I do remember that I loved that nightie though!

I think Bernie made an awesome Innkeepers wife hahaha!

Haha, the one where I snuck into the garage before school and cut a triangle out of my fringe on school photo day - my mum went mental!

Ah, Stabeck school when they hosted the junior chess championships and I was selected to be photographed with the Mayor!

(I was also really pleased when someone at work mentioned that paint is the old school screen share - on Old School Day!)

Break the rules day - While Mine Truly was playing pool in the league game on Monday night I thought about breaking rules. I'm a flukey hit-em-and-hope kind of gal (and I do know how to rack up along with the absolute basics) but other than that I'm shaky on things like;
  • The Rules
  • Strategy
  • Skill

In fact, just thinking about playing wound me up here...

Crazy hair day - need I say more...

Monday, 16 February 2015

February Week 2!

I discovered this week that Valentine's day and Create an air of mystery day are only easy to combine if you're not in a relationship - unless you've got your sights on a Valentine other than your partner!

Which I haven't, and neither had Mine Truly - so there was no mystery about where the cards came from :-)

Monday, 9 February 2015

February Week 1!

Do a press up and succeed day



Absolutely no chance at all.

Don’t be serious about anything at all day


Largely courtesy of my pain medication which I was in the undesirable position of having to take at work during the day. There was still serious stuff going on, and I was taking it seriously (so technically it was a fail) - but at the same time I was fighting the constant urge to giggle. At absolutely nothing at all.

Plus, I've learnt recently that in some cases it's best not to take things too seriously - no one else seems to!
Meditate for 10 minutes day

I'm so glad I've taken up yoga - it makes some of these little challenges so much easier :-)

Friday, 6 February 2015

February Mission!

To fight fear and spread love

Conquer demons and say “ha! I fear you not scary thing”

Laugh in the face of fear

Run towards change and leap into the unknown
Go forth and be less worrier and more warrior!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

January Misison - The Results!

Link to mission here!

I thought I'd have failed miserably at this one but, don't get me wrong I've had my moments, in the main this one wasn't too bad and I think I can confidently claim it as a moderate success.

I wouldn't say that all is well with the world (and what person in their right mind would?) but it certainly helps when you're not trying to fix and be responsible for everything that's wrong in your own little version of it :-)

I've always said that when it comes to a glass being half full or half empty in my experience it's usually just too small!

Monday, 2 February 2015

January Week 5!

Experimental cooking Day!

For previous examples see 2010 (before it all started getting weird) here, 2011 here, 2012 here, 2013 here and 2014 here!

This year it was all about vol au vents and things you really shouldn't put in them - the delights on offer were (thank you Anthony, Simon and Emma for your suggestions!);
  • peanut butter and marmite
  • cereal and mustard
  • marmalade and bacon
  • chocolate chip and chorizo
  • pickled onion and porridge
  • banana and custard
  • roll mop and cottage cheese
Hmmm, I don't think this is quite what they had in mind!!

Poor Webby, after the jelly year I really didn't think he'd continue to particpate but he's clearly got nerves, or a digestive system, of steel!

Here are the results...

Banana and Custard: Webby 9/10, Mine Truly 8/10 and, shockingly (given that I don't like banana and can't stand custard) Me 10/10!
Bacon and Marmalade: Webby 8/10, Mine Truly 9/10 and Me 7/10
Chorizo and Chocolate Chip: Webby 3/10 (and gag factor), Mine Truly 10/10 and Me 6/10 - the suprising thing about this one was that it wasn't the filling combination but the combination of the chorizo and the vol au vent which was so wrong!
Peanut Butter and Marmite: Webby 6/10, Mine Truly 3/10 and Me 3/10 - this one just stuck to our lips, roof of mouth, everything, and just tasted bizarre!
Porridge and Pickled Onions: Webby 6.5/10, Mine Truly 5/10 and Me 0/10 (and gag factor) - NO. NO. NO. That is all.
Cereal and Mustard: Webby 6.5/10, Mine Truly 8/10 and Me 8/10
Rollmop and Cottage Cheese: Webby 4/10, Mine Truly 6/10 and Me 4/10

And now we have a year to think of what to do for 2016!

Pamper yourself

Luckily it was time for my monthly thai wat po massage with the wonderful Kanchana so this was an easy one :-)