Monday, 29 April 2013

Hug an Australian Day!

I'd pretty much given up on this one and had put it to the back of my tiny mnd - until someone in Charlie's (Ollie) told Matt he looked like an Australian butcher (I'm not entirely sure where he got that from, Matt was wearing an apron and a cowboy hat but there you go!)!.

I haven't moved so fast in a while, poor Matt looked quite terrified when I launched myself at him to give him a hug in the absence of a real Australian  - no mean feat given that he's rather an intimidating size.  The fact that Ollie jumped on the bandwagon and followed suit shortly after was a bonus (for me if not for Matt) - meanwhile John and Simon were doing their best to particpate...I'm not convinced that hugging pints of Fosters qualifies but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.  I'm good like that.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Guilt Free Pottering Day!

Usually I struggle with the whole 'guilt free' part of this day, however, I was a little too tired to feel guilty about it this time!

Staying in bed until almost lunchtime went some way to compensate for a very late night/early morning on Saturday (I may not have achieved staying OUT till the sun came up again but I managed staying UP!) but even so I suspect that had I been inclined to attempt anything even vaguely non-pottering I may have struggled.

Pottering down to Charlie's to watch the Grand Prix was taxing enough, staying on to watch the football (a game which I strangely enjoyed) was testament to my determination to potter rather than go home to feel guilty about all the things I should have been doing instead!

The remainder of the day was spent pottering on the sofa watching films before an early night :-)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pet Owners Independence Day!

Yep, this is a real day.

Apparently pet owners take the day off from work and the pets go to work in their place, since most pets are jobless, sleep all day and do nothing to contribute towards their upkeep. Owners get to stay home all day and lie around on the back of the sofa. 

Jemima was clearly not impressed with this idea and Rosie just looked terrified at the prospect.

I suggested in the office that maybe we ought to observe this day in practice in future but, after much discussion, it was decided that Andy's rat, pigeons and doves, my 2 cats, John's goat and chickens and Neil's dog would, probably, cause a little too much more chaos and destruction than even we're capable of.

Also, I'm not entirely sure I'd be comfortable trying to stretch out on the back of my sofa.

And this is what happened the last time I turfed them outside to go and find a living.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Splash About Day!

Not quite sure this was what was in mind for this day (it certainly wasn't what was in my mind - I was picturing white sandy beaches, clear blue, warm gentle waves...).

I seem to have become addicted to my bath - largely because I take my book and distract myself from the fact that I really want to stuff my face with carb loaded comfort food!  So, a minimum of an hour in the bath each night has become ritual, this evening though has to be the last as I dread to think what my water bill will be like!

There's certainly more room to splash about now that there's less of me!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Blah, Blah, Blah Day!

The day for doing the stuff people (and yourself) have been telling (nagging) you to do!

I finally finishing going through the films on my hard drive and deleting all those I've watched and don't want to keep and made good headway on the books, while I was doing all of this I was also listening to my Itunes and deleting anything on there that I don't want to keep.  I resolved to spend a bit of time each evening doing the same - but then I've resolved to do this before!

Then I planned all the crafty stuff I want to get done over the rest of the year - yeah, that'll never happen to schedule either, I was supposed to start the Christmas stockings a couple of months ago!

I am my own worst nagger (despite the fact that I'm supposed to be going easy on myself this month!)...




Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Surrogate!

When I was little I used to think that my real mum had been taken by aliens and replaced with a surrogate.

Yesterday I felt the same way about myself...

I ironed.

For almost an hour.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

National Jazz Month!

Woo Hoo!

I would have liked to have gone to the Harrogate Brasserie or the Blue's Bar for some live musical magic for this one but I'm not sure my willpower could resist the food and alcohol so instead Mr Webb came over and we celebrated National Jazz Month by watching Ray - unfortunately the audio wouldn't work on the accompanying tribute concert dvd which came with the film :-(

Saw Dan Burnett live at Charlie's a couple of weeks ago (ok, technically it was last month (just)...would highly recommend!

One of my favourite artists/songs...

And it doesn't get much better than this...

Friday, 12 April 2013

Gaze at Clouds Day!

In the words of intrepid time traveller Sam Beckett (yes, I'm well underway with my Quantum Leap viewing)...

Oh boy.

I didn't just gaze at them, I gazed through them! 

I set off all the alarms on depature from Leeds Bradford and had to be 'wanded' - I still set off all the alarms so I had to be body searched (NOT strip searched) during which I was asked whether I had any studs or other piercings in certain places - turns out my trouser fastening and the metal part of a certain item of women's underwear were causing unusual sensitivity in my case!  On the plus side, I left feeling like I'd had a light-touch all over massage.

Bearing in mind that I haven't been on a plane in 10 years I was more than a little nervous on take off - I'd obviously forgotten how absolutely beautiful it is up there.  I could have happily stayed up there gazing at the clouds for hours rather than the 45 minutes it took to get to Southampton.

And I enjoyed it every bit as much on the way back (also less nervous at take off) - managed to get myself through security with no issues this time.  Myself handbag no.  I don't understand why this happens to me!  Anyway, after having my bag examined and tested for who knows what we eventually made our way through to the departure lounge - I'm convinced that Neil (who breezed through both) now sees me as some sort of travel liability.  Let's face it, anyone who's ever had the 'opportunity' to travel with me knows that this is often indeed the case in some form or another!

Anyway, it brought to mind the opening credits of Quantum Leap (the cloud bit obviously - about 0.51 in this clip).

I suspect it'll be a long time before I do 'Gaze at Clouds Day' in such a great way again!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Superhero Day!

This is not a Superhero Day of the kind we've come to know and love (my costume remained firmly packed away)...

Hancock references in the early hours of the morning aside - today I exhibited superhuman strength and willpower in the battle not to do what every cell in my body told me I wanted to do (which would have more than likely resulted in some destruction and possibly injury!) .

In fact, despite literally seeing red (I never actually believed that was possible) and contained with a rage so colossal that I could feel every vein in my head strain and throb and my blood boil, I used superhuman effort to swallow it down and effect (eventually) a calmer exterior.

And at the end I'm left feeling curiously drained, is this normal for Superheroes?  Does Superman feel the need to just have a hot bath and go bed once he's hung his cape up?  Does Batman want to tell Robin to just go away and leave him alone for a while? Does Wonderwoman ever leave the house, wonder where she left the god-damned invisible helicopter, turn around and go back inside and give it up as a bad job?

Abject apathy has become my superhero power, loss of hope that anything will change has become my shield, and my new found I-don't-give-a-flying-rats-arse (yes, that should have been the f word) attitude (which will probably go away at some point) will ensure that I blend in perfectly with my current surroundings.

Meanwhile back where some sanity remains...

Russian Skywalkers
Ukranian Daredevils (and his name's Mustang Wanted - a Superhero name if ever I heard one!)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Think About Lovely Things Day!

Lovely things I thought about today

  • Food
  • More food
  • Having Friday off work and catching up with Webby
  • Seeing Kevin and Ray in a little over a week
  • Booking some crime festival tickets
  • Seeing Pops and Olive in a couple of weeks
  • Going to see the new Star Trek film
  • Planning a few days away in summer visiting Tom and Marley and then spending some quality time with Nads
  • (and then more food)

Monday, 8 April 2013

No Housework Day!

I had no intention of doing any housework at all today.

I've no idea how, but this is what happened...

1) 2 loads of washing done
2) All coats, bags, hats etc in hallway sorted out
3) All shoes upstairs sorted, shoe rack (and shoes) brought downstairs
4) Bagged up clothing sorted and put away, clothing I've shrunk out of bagged up to get rid of
5) Dishes done
6) Freezer cleaned

Friday, 5 April 2013

Great Outdoors Day!

Yep, saw lots of it whizzing by on the train to Birmingham, some more on the train to Coventry and more still from the taxi to Ryton!

And then again all the way back to Harrogate.

Didn't actually experience any though - other than the brief transfers between transportations.

Great Outdoors Day From the Inside?

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Get an Early Night Day (you old fox you!)!


If only!

I did get an early night but there was nothing foxy (or otherwise animal related) about it!

The fact that getting to Ryton by public transport is such a ballache (and involves spending more time on trains than I'll be spending in the meeting I'm going for) means I'm up at 5.30 today so it was an early night last night - by necessity more than choice.

Thinking of animals though...thank you Simon for this photo which really cheered me up when I got home last night!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April Me-ness Mantra!


I'm to repeat (and often)

"I am amazing"
"I am wonderful"
"I am brilliant"

April is going to be the best month yet!

I'm to be kind to myself each and every single day and not waste a moment worrying (it's ok to waste them messing about or eating cheese instead though)

But I definitely won't worry. Especially about things I can't change.


I will be focusing on today...NOW...this minute and make the very most of it.

I will be turning off the TV (which I never have on anyway!), getting outside, getting creative and getting more me than I've ever been before!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Lucky Mantra - the results

Oh. Dear.

So much for the March Lucky Mantra!

Due to circumstances waaaay beyond my control it most definitely has not been a month of tantalizingly slighty-warmer-but-too-soon-for-shorts weather and as a result I have not been getting ready for leaping, bouncing and general springyness!

I haven't been lucky all month, I've been ill all month (although I suppose it's lucky that I've found the patch of black mold behind my bed which may well account for my month of illness!). I did dance (Olive's Ceilidh) but I wouldn't say with Serendipity - grace and co-ordination were also sadly absent.  I have dined once, way back at the beginning of the month but it's fast becoming a distant memory (along with the act of chewing) and it wasn't with Good Fortune.

It's difficult to inject colour when you feel slightly paler than death warmed up and, as for impossibly fashionable shoes...I don't think snow boots count!

March, however, was a mountaintop of a month - a mountain of snow (and snot).

Monday, 1 April 2013

Eat Loads of Chocolate Day!

I had hot chocolate for breakfast - whilst watching The Slipper and the Rose (my guilty secret favourite film!) which was always traditional Easter viewing as a child, right after the cartoon version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!

Then it was chocolate velvet milkshake for lunch - whilst watching Stand by Me

And then I finshed with a chocolate coated toffeee bar for dinner (somewhere between a finger of fudge and a curly wurly but not quite right at the same time) - whilst watching a biblical epic, I had a few to choose from but went for King of Kings (there's just something about that music!).