Monday, 30 April 2012

Most Silly Thing this Week!

Now if this had been last week I'd know instantly what to write about and it would have been...

Pig Bride!

(Followed by Tiger Bride, Racoon Bride, Zebra Bride and several others)

Some day I may share photos with you but don't hold your breath.

However, I've just thought of something else equally silly but fabulous - this had me crying with laughter the other day.


Enjoy (it's fairly new so it's worth scrolling back and reading it all)!

Also, whilst looking for something else I've just found this - I LOVE THIS!

Never Say No To Panda.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

High Five Day!

I didn't do it as well as these guys (who also gave me the idea - in fact they've given me lots of idea when I have the time etc)!

I managed 3 high fives - it could have been considerably more if 'd remembered earlier, ooops!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Most Tummy Flipping Thing this Week!

Two very different tummy flipping moments...

1) Saturday - the sudden realisation that I was supposed to be doing my volunteering stint at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show that day!  Panicked for about 10 minutes before confirming that it's actually next Saturday  (today!) - d'oh!!

2) Thursday - my tummy flipped in appreciation at Webby's amazing spag bol (there was all sorts in in!), it was an absolute triumph of culinary wizardry!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Start a Trend!

Neil did this one a couple of weeks ago - I tried a little of one of his bizarre sandwich concoctions (not quite as bizarre as my own ultimate sandwich ) at lunchtime and was very taken with the hot sauce in it!

It was Encona West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce,  I went out and bought some the next day and have added it to various things since!

Technically I've followed a trend rather than starting one but it's close enough!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Consider Flip Flops!

I often consider them but don't do them, the thought of walking around with something between my toes makes me shudder.

Plus, I really don't think they would've been suitable for my evening out at Mirabelle's this evening - particularly in the torrential rain!

Although, having said that they may have been a better choice than the shoes I was wearing which I had to slip off under the table so my socks could dry out a little - uuurrrghh!

It didn't spoil a lovely evening of fabulous food, well-matched wine and company though :-)

I was very impressed that Gordon Haskell was playing most of the night too - here's my favourite.

Looking forward to the Bastille Day celebrations next!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blowin' in the Wind!

Those of you expecting the it is...

I chose the Bruce Springsteen version because I like it (and you get the added extra of Bad Moon Rising)!

Now, the real reason for the title of the post.

The usual Tuesday trauma was absent this week as the session was run differently (no group 'sharing') and as Bernie and I were sat waiting our turn she was worrying about blowing in the carbon monoxide machine and getting a 5 again (as she has done every week since stopping).

A score of 0-6 on the machine is the level of a non-smoker.

Bernie - I'm going to blow a 5 again aren't I and she's going to tell me off
Me - Don't worry about it, you'll still be blowing a non-smoker Bernie

Rather glad we weren't sat in 'group' as I realised what I'd said - I'd hate to ruin my reputation as the hostile member of the group by cracking a smile!

I'm consistently blowing a 2 btw.

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Pips day!

In honour of Boss's return to work today - The Pips Day!

But it's not the Pips as you know them - this is Gladys Knight, Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr, and it's fabulous!  Woo Woo!

(There was a version which had the original embedded in the left corner so you could compare, but neither the visual nor the audio were very good unfortunately so you'll have to make do with this one!)

It also wasn't the Pips as you know them with Boss doing the backing down the phone - bless!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Think About Lovely Things Day!

I was thinking about the lovely meal and wine tasting experience at Mirabelle's which I had to look forward to on Wednesday.

Le Menu

Truite fume, celeri remoulade
Smoked trout, celeriac remoulade

Canard Bourguignon
Duck stew with red wine, onions, mushrooms and bacon

Epoisses cheese served with walnut bread

Corniottes de pommes et framboises
Apple and raspberry tart cooked with cremant de Bourgogne and fromage blanc

See, Lovely!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Most Fabulous Thing This Week!

Having small feet.

(Being able to buy childrens trainers (no VAT) when your long suffering trainers finally give up and fall apart)

Happy Days!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Stay Out Late!

Some time ago I'd designated this day to attempt 'Stay Out Late' but I've already been there and done that!

So, as it was also Friday 13th we'll concentrate on that - don't worry, I'm not going to go all 'Heidipedia' on you and spout out superstitious facts (again!).

I'm just going to direct you to the previous two years!


Oh, and I've only got another 1947 days until my mirror smashing bad luck runs out - apparently.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

WI Day - A Taste of the Wild!

It's that time of month again so Elaine and I toddled down to the Rugby Club for a talk about foraging in the wild (who knows, once we've done the archery bit later in the year I could move to the woods and live off the land - Heidi Hood lol!).

What could have been a very dry presentation turned out to be actually very interesting stuff, the fact that Chris Bax (from Taste of the Wild) presented it in an engaging, and often humorous, way helped!

His obvious passion and enthusiasm for the subject was infectious and I'm sure I'm not the only one who went home and scribbled down bits I could remember that were of particular interest to me - and got straight on the website to save it to my favourites for future perusal!

He appeared on Countryfile the following Sunday making Dandelion Bhajis!
This kind of thing could well be the theme of Experimental Cooking Day next year!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Totally Awesome Wednesday!


Shout out to Duncan who had already had an an Awesome Wednesday by 8.20am - now that really is impressive!

I have to admit though that the news he gave me about the new Couting Crows album being out also increased the awesomeness of my day - as did a super productive day at work, I'm on fire this week!

The awesome continued with a viewing of Lost Boys with Bernie (although I did insist that we watched it before it got dark!), haven't watched it in years and it felt like putting on an old familiar pair of slippers - and to continue the also has an awesome sountrack!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Turn Some Heads!

I feel like a totally different person every Tuesday evening when I'm forced to sit in group therapy for my on/off nicotine addiction (the only time I ever want a smoke for the last few weeks is immediately before, during and after the farcical events).

This time, in Drongo No.2's presence, I felt like having an exorcist moment with full head turning trick - I've included a clip here but it comes with an advisory warning...

DO NOT WATCH if you are easily scared, I say this purely because I won't watch the clip and am doing my best to pretend it's not there!

Why on earth do you (Drongo No.2) persist in attending the group when you obviously already know better than everyone else and, apparently, are in a better position to speak for each individual and their feelings/experiences!!! Oh, and your mystery illness, which you feel the need to bring into conversation every time you open your huge mouth, is nothing that I couldn't cure with a well placed bullet!

Alledgedly I can get through these moments by running a nice hot bath - and submerging my entire head under it.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Most Nail Biting Thing Last Week!

Ok, so you may have guessed that I'm a week behind with my posts so this is actually Most Nail Biting Thing Week Before Last!

I think this would probably have to be the 45 minutes sleep Thursday night (actually Friday morning) thing - purely in a 'I'm a shaking wreck' kind of way. By the time I was collected though I was feeling ok (I think the hoovering may have helped) and managed to remain surprisingly alert and coherent for the entire day!

On the other hand... the Least Nail Biting Thing Week Before Last would have to be snuggling in my pj's on Easter Monday with Rosie and Jim, tuning out and recovering while watching Ben Hur for 4 hours with my Betty's hot cross bun and a big mug of tea :-)


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Eat Lots of Chocolate!

Easter Sunday.

Need I say more?

Except that I didn't touch any chocolate at all, not once - actually, technically I may have touched some but I certainly didn't eat any.

I sat on the sofa (with 2 easter eggs right behind me) and watched The Last Legion which I thoroughly enjoyed (being a bit of an Arthurian legends fan) and then it was time to crack on with another pavlova - I forgot to get any grapes though so it was just strawberries and kiwi.

Believe it or not I actually carried this all the way to Kevin and Ray's without mishap!

Kevin had produced another simply delicious meal with what could possibly be the best lamb I've ever had - I did struggle not to choke on it at one point though...

Ray - Why is it traditional to have lamb at Easter?
Kevin - It's like the sacrificial lamb, it represents the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.
Ray - Shouldn't we be having it crucified then?

As well as the chocolate easter chick, beautiful little chocolate easter baskets, gingerbread rabbit and hot cross bun from Betty's I was also presented with an easter treat of two royal ducks!

That should all keep me going for a while!


Friday, 13 April 2012

Great Outdoors Day!

Which was also Good Friday, a fortunate thing as I was guaranteed to be out and about!

So, the day started (after the epic 'staying out late' night) with 45 minutes sleep, a quick shower and then hoovering while I waited for Kevin, Ray and Ken to collect me (purely because I daren't sit down and wait in case I fell into a coma-like sleep!).

Some time was then spent in the car before getting a good lung-full of salty 'great outdoors' Whitby sea air :-)

The weather wasn't great but it was certainly good enough to ensure a climb up the steps and a wander around the Abbey and the little church before retiring back indoors to sample some very good fish and chips!

(Lots of photos coming up)

I was so focused on my search for rock (I'm sorry but you just can't go to the seaside and not return with some rock!) that I missed another sight which Ray commented on, apparently we were passed in the street by a woman wearing leopard print with her hair scrapped tightly back on her head and a face like a 'boiled shite' - classy!! I'd never heard this phrase before but Ray assures me it's quite common in Ireland!

Next in the quest for great outdoors type stuff was a visit to Mount Grace Priory, I'd never heard of the place before but it was a lovely little place which also does open air theatre productions during the summer. After seeing the living quarters I've decided that I'd make quite a good monk, a better monk than a nun certainly!

Finally, after a good dose of Outdoorsiness it was back to Kevin and Ray's for nibbles (including a fabulous M and S farmhouse and chorizo pate) and wine before returning home later (I almost saw the 24 hour clock go round twice!).


Thursday, 12 April 2012

I'm Going to be Sensible and Just Go Out for a Couple of Hours......

That was the plan, honest, it really, really was!

Lunch and a couple of drinks with Bernie, Kevin, Ray and Debbie and then home.

And it started out exactly that way with a very enjoyable meal at Montpelliers.

It all started going 'off plan' when Ray and Debbie (sensibly) left, at which point it seemed a perfectly sensible suggestion that Kevin, Bernie and I go on somewhere else and have another couple of bottles of wine between us (we're blaming the bar staff (again) for this although this excuse can only go so far!).

Kevin (still featuring on the sensible scale...just) left a few hours later and apparently took all remaining thoughts of sensible with him.

Which was when Bernie and I made the genius decision to visit Charlie's Place (stopping off to purchase bunny ears on the way - well, why wouldn't you?), Bernie left at a relatively early time (sensible only in the sense that it had reached the stage where I had joined a new found friend dancing on a table - not that sort of dancing, we had tambourines etc).

Shortly after this 'live entertainment' it was just Charlie and I left putting the world to rights, which, obviously, took a good few hours.

Thankfully the alcohol had stopped flowing some time previously, it was still quite a shock though when I eventually left and discovered it was daylight outside and the birds were singing!

Getting home at 6.05am and having to get up at 7.00am can, in no way whatsoever, be construed as sensible.

(epic fail)

However, the good news is that, in not being sensible, I managed to achieve one of the extras for this month...

Wait for it...

'Stay Out Late'!



Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Email a Film Star!

This one was Ray's suggestion :-)

With the advent of Twitter everyone and anyone has become so much more accessible - personally I can't get to grips with Twitter and technically I'm supposed to actually email someone so it doesn't count anyway.

My first problem was who to email, it seemed a better idea to find someone I could actually contact rather than choose someone and then spend an awful lot of time trying to track down an email address (using what could only be called stalkerish behaviour!)!

Although, having said that, I couldn't believe it when I came across a 'WikiHow' all about contacting famous celebrities - seriously??!!   Nothing about emailing though - why couldn't you have picked tweet/letter/facebook 'like' Ray?!

Further research proved to be futile, I came across somebody else asking the same question  (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that a friend had also suggested to them that they have an 'Email a Film Star' day for a diary blog which they're also writing - right?), and I found myself wondering how on earth all the 'reality challenged' stalkers out there ever manage to actually track these people down - or maybe I'm just not as committed to the cause.

So, it seems, after all that, Twitter is the way forward :-(

Except that now I've forgotten my Twitter password.

Film stars have people to do this sort of thing for them - you know what, they can email me!


Monday, 2 April 2012

Naughty Saturday!

Sorry to disapoint, but I was only mildly naughty!

I went out on Saturday night when I really shouldn't have done, I knew as soon as Debbie mentioned it that it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I'd end up out - despite my protestations!

But...I did set myself limits before I went out, I only took £20 and no other means of cash withdrawal so I knew I had to be on the last bus home at 9pm.

I missed the last bus.


I was home in a taxi by 11pm.

See, we are capable of showing some restraint ;-)