Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Week 4!

Say "Those were the days" Day!

I find myself saying this with alarming frequency the older I get haha!

You know I couldn't do this one without this (you probably weren't expecting this version though)...

...and in recognition of the fact that I can be regulaly heard to say "one day these will be the good old days"...

Monday, 24 November 2014

November Week 3!

Parsnip Appreciation Day!

I used to absolutely hate parsnips (and blue cheese, and bacon!), but I love them now so, under normal circumstances this day wouldn't have been a problem at all - however, due to my unusually busy social life this week I've only eaten at home once,and there wasn't a parsnip in sight I'm afraid.

And I didn't think parsnip jewellery would work as well as broccoli did a couple of years ago! So, I'll just have to promise to appreciate parsnip at Christmas if not before.

Perfect a Party Trick Day!

I didn't - largely because I get disturbing flash backs to a drunken night in Jack and Danny's when my party trick went horribly wrong in a very cool way which could never, ever be recreated!

Feel free to give one of the below a go though - I like 5, 7, 9, 11 and 14.

Ok then, we decided to give number 7 a go...

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

November Week 2!

There was bugger all in the diary for this week - that didn't stop me from entering into the week with a bang, and also having a second attempt at a previous challenge...

Neither were planned and both were courtesy of Asda! It started when the bottle of Asda Prosecco delivered on the weekend exploded all over the living room overnight on Sunday - turns out it was a dodgy batch and so they replaced it with a nice bottle of Veuve Clicquot which we drank with pizza watching Supernatural on Tuesday (Drink champagne just because Day - see?!)!

Monday, 10 November 2014

November Week 1!

I did get excited about Fireworks day – but technically I did it last week when I went to the Stray bonfire and fireworks!

I’m going to rant a little bit here I’m afraid (come on, it’s aaaages since I last had a good rant!…I had the genius (in my opinion) idea of taking buttered finger rolls, fried onions wrapped in foil, sachets of tomato sauce and mustard, and hot dogs in a thermos flask with us (and a few chilled beers of course).

So, I ordered 8 large finger rolls and 8 jumbo hot dog sausages for home delivery (with the rest of my shopping of course) from a local supermarket – let’s call it Asda shall we. As usual the order was heavy with substitutions and, as usual, some of them defied all logic. They’d substituted the 8 Warbuton rolls I’d ordered for 8 Asda rolls (which was fine) and then, being unable to find a single jar of hot dogs in the whole store, had substituted the 8 individually wrapped jumbo hot dogs I’d ordered for 2 (yes just 2) of those vile and manky microwave hot dog in a bread roll things!! So I was left with 10 bread rolls and 2 hot dogs.

I mean seriously, WTF??

Anyway, a quick trip round the corner to the co-op rectified the situation and off we went! I still maintain that it was a genius idea – it would have helped enormously though if the wind had died down enough to not make it very difficult to build the hot dogs when we got there.

And if we’d had more hands.

Still, it was fun, the fireworks were great and and the hot dogs were still hot :-)



There was also supposed to be a Powerballad Day this week but I substituted it instead for a Counting Crows Day when I went to see them live in Leeds. The evening started off with dinner at the Nation of Shopkeepers – which includes a pickled onion monster munch burger – which was very good and then it was on to the O2 Academy for the show, which was awesome!

Monday, 3 November 2014

October Week 5!

And of course the important thing for this week was HALLOWEEN!

I forgot to take my Halloween glasses to work unfortunately, and my Halloween cookies were such a disaster that they didn't even make it into the oven haha!

So, I had to make do with just the pumpkin carving competition with Mine Truly - I don't think I did too badly considering it was only the second time I'd done it, and Mine Truly did very well on his first ever carving (he was that eager to get his demon head lit that he wasn't hanging around for any pre-lighting photos so there's just my cat carving!)


And I cooked with pumpkin for the first time this week, we had a pumpkin and nutmeg soup on Thursday and spicy pumpkin wedges on Friday - and there's a batch of pumpkin, cumin and oregano soup in the freezer which I'll add sauteed chorizo to when I re-heat :-)

And it wouldn't be Halloween if I didn't share one of my favourite Improv Everywhere clips with you... 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Mission - The Results!

Mission recap here!

I did the exact opposite (not entirely unusual!) and set the alarm later - partly due to the office moving closer to my home and partly due to a rethink of my working and sleeping hours (less of one, more of the other). I did kind of also set the alarm a little earlier though - I set up a pre-alarm alarm on my phone :-) Sounds mental but it works! One minute before the alarm goes off a low gentle tune sounds (slightly increasing in volume during the minute) which starts to slowly bring you around so the loud and intrusive alarm isn't such a shock to the system!

The only throwing of myself I did was to throw myself down the stairs (probably not on the list of acceptable methods).

Despite wearing various headgear throughout the month there wasn't a headband in sight.

Nor was there any lycra.

I've never been able to meditate (hard as it is to believe but I find it really difficult to empty my mind) and every time I think I know what I want in life I change my mind. But then a person who can't change their mind doesn't have one I always say!

As for expanding my mind while contracting my waistline...every time I try to expand my tiny mind I'm distracted by something shiny and why is skinny seen as equating to happy?

I broke out in a sweat dancing all night at the wonderful wedding of Peter and Kim!

Not exactly a successful mission but I'm using my nose op (and the fact I'm not supposed to exercise for about 8 weeks after) as an excuse!

I have, however, got a yoga session booked for the beginning of November so maybe that'll be a start!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

November Mission!

Be Zen

Ponder and think on things of the cosmos

Shift your perspective and know that we are but a speck in the whirlpool of existence and use these thoughts to feel calm about all things that were previously vexing since if we are all really just on a spinning rock in space we may as well rock the time we've got!

This November: Go forth and PHILOSOPHISE!