Wednesday, 27 June 2012

NYPD Blue - A Tribute

12 series and 261 episodes later I'm still too emotional ;-) to say much so will just post this brief tribute which doesn't even begin to cover it.

I often ask myself, in tricky situations, what would Andy Sipowicz do?

Monday, 25 June 2012

Just in case...

you were thinking of ironing or laminating your bus ticket.

I thought I was seeing things when I went on to the Transdev Harrogate webpage to check the number 6 timetable.

Latest tweet... 

"Our new ticket machines print on thermal paper. Please don't try and iron or laminate your tickets because the heat turns them black."

So on Friday night Lyn and I were having a conversation about under what possible circumstances you would possibly want to do either of these things.  At a push you could maybe find yourself in a situation where you might inadvertantly iron a bus ticket you require for further use - I have to admit that when I unscrewed my ticket to take a photo for the blog my first thought was 'hmm, that could do with a good iron.' - but laminate?  Seriously?!

A memento maybe of the momentous journey from one end of town to the other?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Al Fresco With a Twist!

It was a last minute idea that kind of caught fire in my tiny mind but it turned out to be quite a success!

Kevin was escaping the football with a visit to Chez L'Orange on Tuesday evening and mentioned al fresco, pate, cheese, bread and wine in his email to confirm arrangements.

I got home from work, downloaded a cd of 'French Cafe Music', dragged every plant I own into the lounge (literally in some cases - one of them is at least a foot taller than me!) and arranged them around the mantlepiece, opened the window to create a slight breeze, lit a candle with a fresh cut grass scent, put up the little table and chairs and laid some nibbles out - Kevin was suitably impressed when he arrived with said pate, cheese, bread and wine.

Fortunately he also brought the sunshine with him :-) it was actually very much like being sat outside in the sun enjoying a glass of wine (or several) and at least this time I didn't have to worry about random co-op shopping expeditions, which I can't remember, on the way home!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tell Your Dad How Brilliant He Is!

(And make sure he has his phone switched on!)

I texted him that he was very brilliant - cos he is (everyday - not just Father's Day), it's as simple as that! 

And I'm sure that he did plenty of 'praying' for many years (and probably still does)!

(I prefer the Neil Sedaka version but couldn't find a good copy so you've got Perry Como)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Most Lovely Thing This Week!

That would have to be the walk around Swinsty reservoir with Debbie and Bella on Thursday instead of going to the archery (I can also claim Feed the Ducks Day!)!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Move On, Nothing to See Here!

Well, it look like there'll be no extra's this month!

Most of them relate to it being summer and enjoying it e.g. Break Out the Shades, Be Outside 87% of the Time, Wear White, Roll Down a Hill (preferably not at the same time as wearing white!) etc.

Unfortunately it's more like late autumn/early winter most of the time so far, so I will schedule these as and when any opportunity arises!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen....

It's WI Day!

And it's archery!!

What right minded person would ever, in a million years, think it wise to put a sharp instrument in my hands along with the equipment to make it travel long distances?!

The instructions were to turn up wearing a close fitting top that covers the arms...

Ah, if only this was one of the costumes amongst my steadily increasing costume wardrobe!

Unfortunately they've reached member capacity so if you weren't already a member it's too late to join and there's no guest places available at the archery or Lush events :-(

Bernie and I had joined but Debs and Meller hadn't and Bernie was feeling too ill to go so it appears that fate saw sense and prevented my attendance (and a possible catastrophe!)!

We may all go for a group beginners course at some point instead though which'll be much better (or more dangerous depending on your point of view!) and might give me time to get the costume ;-)
But, just so you're not disappointed, here's a little selection of Robin Hood films...

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lollipop Day!

I keep a supply of lollipops at my desk in my stationery holder (they've been there quite a while now though so probably need replenishing - I don't think I'd risk actually eating one!).

I also keep...

3 pandas
1 donkey
2 sparkly fluffy flowers
1 tube of magic bubbles
1 tiny blue plastic rattle
1 magic wand
2 fairy star wands
1 white feather
1 cocktail stirrer 

and I think there's a couple of pens in there.

I couldn't do this one without this...

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mrs Slimmon's Day!

Yesterday was my lovely friend Helen/Broadie/Mrs Slimmon's birthday!

As Helen is a superb culinary whiz there were dessert themed toiletry gifts for her in my office - accompanied by several chocolate marshmallow teacakes!


In honour of the occassion you can view a selection of previous posts featuring the birthday gal here!
(Helen features in a lot more posts which would be visible if only I'd remember to add tags to my posts - yes, I tagged her in this one!)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Smile at a Random Person!

Most days!

Amongst all the lovely people (and their dogs) I come across on my walk to work there's this one chap who I say morning to whenever I see him and I'm lucky to get any response at all!

The general consensus is that he's a miserable sod (some of the lovely people have also commented that he won't crack a smile) but I'm not giving up on my mission to get a grin (or at least a twitching of the lips) from him so I'll keep smiling and saying morning.

Knowing my luck it's more likely to result in a smack in the mouth...

Monday, 11 June 2012

Bring Back an Era Day!

Thanks to the Friends of Valley Gardens I'm able to write about 1940's Day!

An open event run by Friends of Valley Gardens to raise funds to restore the Old Magnesia Well Pump Room Building into an education / information centre.

Apparently there was music in the bandstand all day, vintage sellers and other stalls, WW2 and vintage vehicles, re-enactment groups, Marching band with Mr Mannering, tug of war, children's activities, food and beer tent, and lots, lots more.

Unfortunately I was still feeling a little ropey and didn't make it myself so have no photos :-(

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Most Incredible Thing This Week!

Despite feeling a tad unwell later in the week, it's incredible that I've managed to get everything on my list done during my week off!

A combination of Ebay, Freecycle, charity shops and the bin has made my spare room unrecognisable - 2 years ago it was floor to ceiling boxes with a narrow passageway through the middle.  I've slowly been working through it all and this week have finally got rid of the last of it (with the exception of the gift boxes left over from my business - but they're neatly tucked away, out of the way!)!  It turns out I actually have a decent sized spare room - incredible!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Switch Off the TV!

I have a TV?!!

Good God, I think you're right, that's what that big black screen is in the corner then!

It's not been on all week and, in fact, I think the last time it was switched on was when Bernie was here - a couple of weeks ago!

I do sometimes question why I bother to pay for a license each year.

Friday, 8 June 2012

KFC Day!

I've been craving a KFC ever since Meller told me she'd had one the other week so I roped Webby into a little get together over a KFC lunch after dragging him around the cemetery to pick some paperwork up!

My craving is satisfied.  Technically, going by daily recommended whatnots, I now can't eat for another 3 days.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Know That Procrastination is OK!

Not this week it's not!

In the 4 days I've been off I've already sorted

1) all my wardrobes (not clothes but boxes of just stuff etc)
2) all my remaining ebay stuff
3) all my crafty type stuff
4) making a piece of jewellery for a birthday gift

In the remaining 5 days I have to sort;

1) all the stuff to freecycle
2) paperworky type stuff
3) an eye test
4) various birthday/other celebration type stuff

And somewhere in all of this I've also made time to catch up with friends, produce cake for and attend a Jubilee soiree, visit the cemetery, visit Betty, do my shopping and plan next week!

Next week procrastination may well make the list ;-)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee Celebration!

Now where else could this be done in style other than the Matthews/Clare abode?!

I dressed for the occassion in a little red, white and blue ensemble I just happened to have tucked away (I admit, I was planning on wearing it for Bastille Day when we go to celebrate at Mirabelles but I'm not averse to being seen in the same outfit twice!) - including red, white and blue jewellery and hair accessories.

And the finishing touch...

I drew the line at red, white and blue make up - I do have some standards you know!

I'm saving the colourful make up for the clown outfit when I walk the St Mike's Midnight Walk.

It was the usual fabulous fayre food wise (I do like the pies from Weetons!) and Kevin had put together a little royal quiz, surprisingly my particpation resulted in a prize (it was my kind of quiz - even the loser got a prize)!

(Yep, Kevin had spotted the same little tins of chocolates in M&S as me!)

Then we had a kind of 'Guess Who' quiz where we'd all researched an English Monarch and had to give clues as to who we were.

I went for Caroline of Brunswick (Queen consort of George IV) as I liked the idea of scandal and the fact that she was banned from the coronation of her husband!

Ken did a very stirring Edward I (the Hammer of the Scots) although it did make me want to break out in a spot of William Wallace "they will never take our freedom!"

We watched the jubilee concert with mixed feelings of horror (I'm sorry Cliff, Elton and Paul but it's really time to call it a day) and enjoyment (Tom, you can come back anyday and can come back everyday!).

I did like Charles's speech and the fireworks at the end were spectacular, all in all I have to admit to feeling a tad emotional and patriotic. I did get swept along with the whole feeling of watching a piece of history which'll be played back long after we're all gone. Momentous stuff.

And to top it all off Kevin produced a gift bag each as a thank you for sharing the occassion.

Spoiled again by the Matthews/Clare household!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Make Something Day!

I Made...
 (over the course of sereval weeks - not all on the one day!)...


I printed a load of paper flags and used various bits of ribbon (thanks Auntie Betty!), glitter glue, buttons and sequin things to personalise them before stringing them all together on some daisy lacey ribbon stuff to make special bunting!

I didn't make these but I bought them to be part of the survival pack - these are the 6 I managed to rescue from the cats who decided to have a fight and in the process squash the box (and destroy 2 of the cakes!)!

Union Jack tissues for the emotional bits!

And which self respecting Royalist would be seen without their sparkly sequined springy head band thingy on Jubilee weekend?

Rington's Royal Kenyan Blend Teabags!

A Royal Doulton cup from the coronation in 1953 - huge thanks again to Auntie Betty!

Union Jack flags!

2 small jigsaws from either the coronation or the Silver Jubilee (yep Auntie Betty again!)

M&S Union Jack tin with chocolates inside :-)

And it all went in the Union Jack bag!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Veg Out Day!

I have a very busy itinerary for my week off and it started today so no vegging out for me, I reckon if I get everything on my list done according to plan I may be able to do a spot of vegging out on Thursday!

Also, no vegging out food wise - I respect anyone who chooses to be a vegetarian et al but I'm strictly a no meat = no meal kind of gal!

The only exception to this is macaroni cheese - but there does have to be enough sauce for the mash. There's nothing appetising about cold, dry mashed potato and unfortunately I'm far too old now to be surreptitiously wrapping it in tissue to take it to the bathroom so I can flush it down the loo! Obviously I wouldn't do this at home, or at other people's - never mind, it's too long a story to tell and there's no way to make any of this sound any saner so I'll just stop now.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Glitter it Up Day!

Glitter t-shirt...

Glitter scarf...

Glitter shoes...

Glitter bag

Glitter jewellery...

Glitter Make up (not all at once - that would be 'Strange Make Up Day' (tbc 2012)!)...

Glitter nails...

Glitter hair dust...

Yep, I reckon this was pretty much a success!!

Anna joined in with a glitter headband, beautiful skirt with gold sections and glittery seamed tights!