Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Week 4!

Break out the shades even at night Day!

As today is the first day I'll be breaking the shades out this week then I'm afraid there's not much I can tell you! I'll try to wear them all day and night but can't make any promises...

Broccoli appreciation Day!

Oops! I kind of forgot about this one, I do have a small amount of broccoli in the fridge so I will include it with tea tonight but that's as good as it's going to get!

You'll have to make do with links from previous years...


(don't ask what happened to 2012 - I don't know!)

So, it's a double whammy fail for this week by the looks of it! To be fair though it has been a very busy week - in addition to working I've also been for afternoon tea, played pool, attended a charity evening for St Mikes (and won a 90 minute private yoga session!) been for an a la carte date (with Mine Truly of course!), moved premises at work and then enjoyed one of the best meals out I've ever had at The Square with Mine Truly, Pops and Olive!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

July Week 4!

Drink champagne just because Day

I'd won an afternoon tea at the Old Swan Hotel so I took Bernie along with me and we decided to accompany our sandwiches and cakes with a bottle of Prosecco (ok, not champagne but close enough for the purposes of this and the sake of my bank balance!).

It was a beautiful summer day so we sat outside and spent the whole afternoon tanning and enjoying the bubbles!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

August Week 3!

Turn the TV off Day

I had a job turning it off at all this week never mind keeping it off! We’ve had Mine Truly’s lovely daughter staying with us this week and between her and John the TV’s rarely been off. I never think to turn it on when I’m in the house on my own so it’s nice that it’s actually getting some use rather than just being an expensive blank screen in the corner! We did turn it off on Thursday evening though when we ventured outside for Mine Truly’s birthday, we went to see an open air, all male cast production of Romeo and Juliet over the road at Harlow Carr Gardens - in the seething rain! We lasted about an hour before giving up (we couldn't see for all the unbrellas in front of us and oucldn't hear for the sound of the rain pounding on our own umbrella!) and came home again - where the TV was promptly switched on!

Procrastination Day

The only problem with procrastination is that you never quite know when you’re finished!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

July Week 3!

Do a motivational speech Day

Well this one was fortuitous! I was asked by my local hospice, St Mikes, if I’d mind speaking about my experience of the hospice to a group of solicitors at a thank you event they were holding for the support shown during their recent Make a Will Month.

Despite not being a confident public speaker I jumped at the opportunity to do something for this very worthwhile cause which is so close to my heart and to feel as though I’m able , in a very small way, to give something back for the amazing service they provided my family when my Mum was terminally ill.

It was a fantastic evening, the speech went well (with just a slight wobble in the middle) and I felt quite proud of myself for getting through it at the end – my hands carried on shaking for about 10 minutes after I finished speaking though haha!

One in four patients is cared for thanks to a gift left in a will. I have a will, I knew about the option to leave a legacy for charity and had every reason to do so but still didn't - until I was directly asked the question, at which point it was so obvious that I couldn't believe I hadn't done it years ago.

One day I, or you, or one of our loved ones may need one of the many services provided at the hospice, personally I’d like to be able to expect the same level of care and support experienced by my family 20 years ago and we should all play whatever role we can to safeguard that provision for many years to come.

Leave a will, leave a legacy.

Be at one Day

With what? I’m far too conflicted to be at one with myself, being at one with nature just makes me think of being arrested, being at one with God is not happening, all in all I think being at one with the sofa is the way to go!

Monday, 18 August 2014

July Week 2!

Run til your lungs hurt Day

Me, run?

I’ve always said that I wouldn’t even be capable of running away from a serial killer – plus if I’m going to get caught anyway why also die exhausted?! And yet, believe it or not, I used to be quite a runner. I used to love running (and often barefoot) as a teenager, apart from being selected to represent my school for long distance events and enjoying the cross country school runs I also used to be regularly tearing around the streets of Starbeck – usually pretending I was running away from everything (or perhaps I was just trying to get out of Starbeck).

Cheeseboard Day

Had I been able to get anywhere near town I would have visited the amazing Cheeseboard and treated Mine Truly and I to a selection of lovely cheese and accompaniments but unfortunately, due to le tour, I couldn’t get to the shop.

I may well move this one to later in the year though!

No worries Day

That’s kind of like telling me not to breathe haha!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fetish Much?!

Hmmm, I'm slightly suspicious about this, the second week of August...

  • Pedicure Day
  • Bare Feet Day
  • Global Celebration of Feet Day
Fortunately I regularly pedicure at home so that wasn't a problem at all :-) I even go so far as to remove hard skin with this razor contraption thing...

...and this time also treated myself to a moisturising foot mit (most bizarre feeling and walking across the kitchen is transformed into a dangerous sport!)

I'm also always barefoot at home - and occasionally in the office!

And, in celebration of feet of all shapes and sizes here's a video of my feet - I used to think my feet were normal but have slowly come around to sharing the general concensus (due to overwhelming evidence) that my feet are, in fact, odd.

I was once told (many, many years ago) that I have 'ladies feet' but Mine Truly just refers to them as flipper feet (and can't understand how it is that I can't swim!) - my toes are incapable of independent movement and only move as one (no, they're not actually webbed!), I can't wear flip-flops and I can't pick things up inbetween my toes (which is frankly just weird and monkey-like if you ask me).

Enjoy! But not too much, please...

Saturday, 16 August 2014

July Week 1!

Extreme Enthusiasm Day!

Hmmm, now I'm sure there was something going on during the first week of July that had everyone, not just me, all excited and enthused but what was it I wonder...

Something to do with yellow bikes and hand-knit mini jumpers cropping up all over the place perhaps?

Having been pretty ambivalent about the whole thing in the build up to it, and having finally decided (not being a fan of large crowds etc) to stay in and watch it all from the comfort and safety of my own home I was ridiculously easily persuaded otherwise by Bernie and John who'd headed out early and reported ease of movement around the area and equal ease of access to the fan park.

This was no longer the case, by any stretch of the imagination, when I joined them about an hour or so later - I say joined them but that isn't quite true. I attempted to join them. Access to the fan park was restricted to a one-in/one-out scenario and the queues to get in were enormous - plus all phone signals were down so I couldn't let them know I'd arrived or contact them to locate their whereabouts.

I gave up on the fan park and any hope of being reunited with my sibling and decided to attempt the trek to The Cairn in the hope of being able to enjoy food, alcohol, a great view (including Mine Truly who was on shift at the time) and a bucking bronco. It was chaos getting there but well worth it by the time I did so I happily got a couple of drinks, nodded at Phil Jupitus as he walked past me, and found a seat with a view on the car park wall. Bernie and I eventually managed to communicate so they came and joined me, I think it was the temptation of the bucking bronco which did the trick!

Then we wandered back down to the Fan park, where Mine Truly joined us, to have some amazing burgers and listen to the music for a few hours - and I was very impressed that they'd put on some staged seating just for me ;-)

It was a fantastic afternoon/evening/event and I'm really glad I was there rather than just watching it on the TV :-)

I got a little bit of video (it's bad, sorry!) - the noise is the ice cream van I was stood next to!

Start a Mexican Wave Day!

I didn't start one but you could say I unwittingly (careful what you say now) took part in one as the cyclists were hurtling down Ripon Road and the crowd all adged closer and stood taller to try and get a glimpse - then they moved as one wave to engluf the indoor bar and screen area as soon as it had passed!

I got a couple of photos of the 'civvy' procession which followed in the wake of the professionals :-)

Monday, 11 August 2014

June Week 4!

I managed all of this week's (last week in June) challenges in the same day at the Valley Gardens!

  • Leave a penny for someone to find
  • International Frisbee Day
  • Simple Pleasures Day
  • Tune in to the Buzz of the bees Day

I started out by leaving a penny at the wishing well (I really must think of a different way to achieve this one next year - although I really like the fact that this way someone also gets a free wish!). Then Mine Truly and I hired a couple of frisbees and had a go at the disc golf.

I think it's safe to say that the current disc golf champions (I kid you not) can sleep safely at night after my utterly disgraceful performance. I spent the majority of the time fishing about in various trees and bushes to retrieve my (clearly defective) frisbee.

And these simple pleasures were done to the accompanying sound of buzzing bees - I know it's tenuous but you'll just have to live with it!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

June Week 3!

This week (this actual week - as in 1st week of August, I can see this may get complicated) was supposed to involve Play Frisbee Slightly Agressively (is there any other way?) Day and International Eat Biscuts Day but as I'll be writing about International Frisbee Day next time (for June Week 4!) and I've done more than enough for biscuits lately I'll ignore this week and focus on telling you about the 3rd week of June instead!

This involved...
  1. Enthusiasm Day
  2. Complicated pleasures day
  3. Go commando day 
  4. Go on a boat  day
  5. Bunk off early
  6. If you've got it flaunt it day
  7. Tell your Dad how brilliant he is day
And the results...
  1. Clearly I did everything with enthusiasm so I think that's covered.
  2. I have no idea what I had in mind for this one, it must have been far too complicated for me to remember all the details!
  3. Not telling you, you pervert you, haha! (not to be confused with answer number 6).
  4. Ok, I didn't go on a boat but John did - of the bed variety (see below).
  5. I know I left early a few times in June but as I work flexi time I'm not sure this can actually be classed as bunking off (possible FAIL!)
  6. Well this is every day, obviously.
  7. My Dad is brilliant each and every day and I'm very lucky to have him, my Father's Day card told him this but I hope he also knows it every day. 
So, number 4! It was the Knaresborough Bed Race and The Cairn Hotel (Cairn Superheroes) were taking part with Mine Truly as team captain (aka Batman).

I managed to get a bit of footage as they passed - just before plunging into the very cold river!

And speaking of fathers - I saw this last year and pledged towards the kickstarter campaign as it really moved me.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

August Mission!

August Mission

Get Outside!

Turn off the TV and the computer for a whole day (or as many days as you can manage)
Leap in rivers and skip in meadows and roll down sand dunes
Eat alfresco and sleep alfresco and do everything else you can think of alfresco (ahem)
Go wild…go native and ocassionally naked (see above!)

Go forth and BE FREE!