Monday, 27 April 2015

Plant something evil!

Plant something and watch it grow - Well I planted something but not much has happened so far - I'll continue to watch it grow and report on any future progress :-)

Update: checked this morning and found signs of life - very exciting!

Practice your evil laugh - surely this should be in October?

I'm not very good at evil laughs, I am, however, very good at crazy, maniacal laughs. Often.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Seek out cute memories!

Walk down Memory Lane - Memory's like Groundhog Day sometimes in this place! We had to get the plumber out, again, to the boiler which had stopped working, again. I've never had much luck with heating wherever I've lived but in the 5 years I've been here I've had to get someone out to the boiler/heating at least twice a year!

Speaking of being here 5 years - this is now the place where I've lived the longest, apparently the average Brit moves home a total of 8 times in their entire lifetime. I've already surpassed that figure by quiet a bit in just 38 years with a total of 17 moves! And adding up the moves did involve engaging my brain in a trip down Memory Lane - most of which was pleasant! 

Seek out baby animals and behold their cuteness - Believe it or not, a study has been done about why we go mushy over pictures of puppies and kittens.

Apparently it's because we prefer babies over adults, particularly cute ones - personally when it comes to humans I'd rather look at a cute adult than a baby any day!

So, studies show that when looking at images of human babies, people show a much greater fondness for the adorable ones than the not so adorable ones. Caregivers tend to feel a more intense desire to protect the attractive ones and apparently cute babies are shown greater affection by their mothers than those that are plain looking.

The fact that these impulses also applies to puppies etc is due to the fact that there's a serious glitch in our brain's hardwiring (I'd say some glitches are worse than others...), when it comes to babies and cuteness, it makes no difference if they're human or animal.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Party in the Clouds!

Spontaneous party - we had a spontaneous picnic on Tuesday so that'll have to do! Given the stunning weather we've been having over Easter we threw some food together, took the picnic blankets, Maddie and the badminton rackets and pootled across to the Valley Gardens for the day. I well and truly got my backside kicked at crazy golf - earning a score in the triple figures!

Spot shapes in clouds - this was surprisingly difficult! It was a week of either no clouds (but beautiful blue skies) or slate grey, cloud covered skies with no discernible shapes. I think this one will have to wait for another day, but in the meantime here's some footage of strange and rare cloud formations!

Break out into a sweat - my mother always used to say that horses sweat, men perspire and women glow, Despite this I managed to break out into a sweat several times this week, it was easy in the unexpected heat of a sunny day at the Valley Gardens playing badminton (badly), I even managed to break a slight sweat during my daily yoga session and again walking back from Auntie Betty's in far too many heavy clothes after leaving in the rain and wind only for the weather to change so I ended up walking back in sunshine!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Now available in Colour!

Wear Colours Day - I wore a bright orange top which I ironed on my colourful ironing board and accessorised with my beautiful colourful necklace and went to watch the Harrogate International Youth Festival opening concert at the Royal Hall with Mine Truly (sorry Bernie) and Maddison. I wasn't the only one wearing colours - the fantastic Irish dancers of St Aelreds in Starbeck were wearing the most stunning traditional dresses, the Juja School Ensemble of Kenya were colourfully costumed and dancers from the Katrina Hughes School of Dance and Perfoming Arts were a riot of colour (and were fabulous!)!

Easter - we had quite a hoard to share between us, along with hot cross buns (traditional, and double chocolate) and a full lamb roast dinner! Of course it wouldn't have been Easter without a viewing of my favourite film, The Slipper and the Rose before our roast lamb dinner :-)


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April Mission!

This was originally the March misison but I swapped them because I knew I could achieve the April mission in March :-)

So, April's Mission...

To move mountains.

Begin something you have no idea how to do and get really, really good at it.

Go forth and stick with and enjoy the fruits of your labour!