Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Mission - The Results!

Ooops, I should have maybe opted to get June's Mission Results finished (and the last 2 weeks of June) first but I'll get there! It'll be just like a time travel adventure with all the backwards and forwards-ing over the next month :-)

So, here we are with July's Mission (recap here)...

Having not really done the weeks properly throughout July (or June, yes, I know) I can't think of when I may have consciously (or otherwise) done this one!

In fact the only example, sadly, I can come up with is having to go out and buy bigger clothes (a very enjoyable shopping trip with Rachel though) so I have at least a few comfortable things to wear until I can get off these blummin steroids, get my op (scheduled for September) and be able to breath and have more energy again!

And my face is starting to resemble a moon - does that count?

Ahhhh, I did dream though - I'm not sure it can be classed as big but it's certainly deserving of a place amongst my collection of weird dreams!

I dreamt I was being chased by people trying to cut my nose off and Bernie arrived to rescue me in a mini (car not skirt). We drove off and up an incredibly steep and winding hill (which always reduces me to near panic attack state in real life) which was covered in bumpy cobblestones. Next thing there's a big black bus hurtling down the hill towards us so Bernie pulls in to a passing point which has miraculously appeared and I wind the window down to wrap my arms around the metal poles, which have also miraculously appeared, outside a building (which wasn't there before) at the side of the road - so I can stop the car rolling backwards down the hill.

Sometimes I think I need professional help - the rest of the time I just think I'm sane in a crazy world ;-)

Monday, 7 July 2014

July Mission!

July Mission

Dare to dream!
Think BIG and know that thinking BIG gets you much, much further and that playing it safe can be very dangerous in the long run - after all, nobody became ruler of the universe without a little bit of delusional thinking.
Go further than you ever thought possible and aim for the stuff that takes your breath away, yes, aim for the MOON!!

Go forth and THINK BIG!