Friday, 24 September 2010

Magnificent Friday

Today is magnificent Friday!

The weather at 6:15 this morning was certainly magnificent, in a stormy, windy kind of way!

Then I found a little bag of my sterling silver jewellery I thought I'd lost some time ago - magnificent!

And there was this........................

And it's Friday!

Nuff said!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Notice Small Things Day!

(Ahem, get your mind out of the gutter - you know who you are)

Ok so, today is Notice Small Things Day! has been a day of momentous bigginess! Huge, warm, fuzzy great big...STUFF!

And that's all I can say on the matter for now - sorry! All will be revealed (again - gutter, out)!

I did try to notice small things but whenever I focused on something 'small' I got to thinking about it and it grew and grew in my mind taking on importance (totally unwarranted in some cases) and size until I came to the conclusion that EVERYTHING IS BIG - so, today's been kind of like an episode of Land of the Giants in an odd kind of way!

This is the only thing that even vaguely qualifies............

Eating my lunch I noticed this creatively cut cucumber in the little dish of tuna (small thing noticed) but then I got to thinking that someone had put a lot of effort into doing this and it probably made them smile while they were doing it and it made me smile finding it etc etc - see my problem?

And I've just spent 20 minutes essentially writing about a piece of cucumber (yeah, let's not even start on that problem).


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Captain's Log Supplemental

I love my sister! She made me a fabulous cake for my birthday, so, we were in the kitchen taking pictures (to follow) and everyone else was on the sofa whinging and asking what we were doing.

Me: Taking photo of cake
Rob: But it's dark
Me: It needs to be - you know nothing about photography
Rob: Women!
Bernie: You know nothing about them either


Extremely Lovely Tuesday!

Yesterday (Tuesday 14th September) was Extremly Lovely Tuesday!

I started it with a trip to the dentist - mmm, lovely!

Then it was off to Toni & Guy's for the talented Dan to work his magic - half the length of my hair has gone and I have a fringe (oh, and it's also purple but I did that when I got home!)! Dan also introduced me to the work of Ok Go, this video is amazing! I defy you to watch it and not realise at some point that you have a stupid grin on your face like a big kid!

Webby's was the next stop on the tour (Webby refers to the day as 'visit a cripple day!), it's funny but given the limited contact we've had over the last 15 years (I wasn't ignoring you!) it really should be awkward when we see each other but it really isn't!

I spent the rest of the day/evening/night watching season 6 of Grey's Anatomy (I know, it's back, what can I do? My name is Heidi and I'm a Grey's addict.....seriously)!

I have to confess - I stayed up so at just gone midnight I could open all my birthday cards (I did limit myself to just one present though - I'm so proud of myself!) before going to bed!


Friday, 10 September 2010

Wink at a Stranger Day

Monday 6th September was Wink at a Stranger Day!

Ok, there was plenty of opportunity to do this in the work 'restaurant' at lunchtime but, to be honest, I didn't want to risk winking (suggestively, comically, conspiratorially, or any other way) at a stranger I might actually come across again at some point during the day!

So, by the time I set off home (in gale force winds) I'd given up on the idea, convinced that I wouldn't bump into anyone on the way home (I rarely do, and those that I do I meet so regularly that they wouldn't really meet the 'stranger' criteria). Imagine my surprise (and horror) when the path widened at the little park area and I see a chap (not a regular) walking towards me. Do I, don't I? I can't decide! We're rapidly approaching each other as we dodge the various bits of flying trees and shrubbery so I decide to throw caution to the wind and go for it!

I wink........the wind hair goes in my eyes, in my mouth, up my nose.......I have no idea whether he's smiling at me because he saw the wink, because I'm choking on my own hair, or because he's just a nice chap who smiles at folk he passes!!!


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Another Wonderful Wednesday!

Today (8th September) is Another Wonderful Wednesday!

Ok, ok, I'm all out of sequence, the next postings will be about Happy Sunday (5th September) and Wink at a Stranger Day (6th September). I'm just far too busy doing nice-be-good-to-yourself-don't-be-too-hard-on-yourself things to finish the long write up about Sunday and the (very) brief write up about Monday - I'll get around to it, promise!

Anyway I wanted to test my link to Twitter today which is why today is being written about today!

I don't know what went wrong today but it's not been the Wonderful Wednesday I was hoping for - it got to the stage where the bunny ears had to come out (as seen modelled by Robocat) which is always a sure sign to all in the office that things are not fine and dandy at Planet Orange (I have no idea why wearing the bunny ears makes it all seem better but it does - maybe something to do with catching sight of myself in the mirror/glass and laughing?). Still, it's only tea time and I'm planning to order takeaway and watch telly (a very rare occurance for me) all night so it's sliding up the wonderful scale in leaps and bounds!

Oooh, oooh, oooh, and, something that makes me feel wonderful whenever I think about it - the lovely people at Really Good have sent me a copy of next year's diary! I'm going to be very busy next year!


Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy Sunday

Sunday 6th September was Happy Sunday!

It's taken me so long to publish the post because it's taken so long to load all the photos!

It was a very Happy Sunday indeed! Pops (Daddy!)and Olive spent the weekend with me for my birthday (it's not my birthday for a couple of weeks (well it'll be closer by the time I publish the post!) but they're going on holiday so won't be here). I requested fish and chips for tea on Saturday (I'm easy to please!) and Pops made one of his renowned pavlovas (and now I wish I'd thought to take a photo of it!).

We toddled off to Roundhay Park on Sunday morning and took in the Monet garden

the Alhambra garden

the Tropical World (lots of photos coming up - sorry!)

I also asked to visit the smaller lake in the park as this is a very special place for me and somewhere I haven't had the opporunity to revisit since it became a special place. It's the place I said goodbye to Michael, one of my best friends who died a couple of years ago (not at the lake!). The last time I was there it was night - very dark, January - very cold. There were fireworks, music (well, Ride of the Valkries on my mobile), flowers, tears, falling in the lake, ambulances, and laughter. It was strange to see it in the warm daylight but comforting to see what a really beautiful spot it is. When we were visiting the Chelsea Garden (in the speciality gardens at the patk) Pops and I were standing in front of the small central pond when, out of nowhere, a white feather drifted down in front of us, the sun was reflecting off it so it glowed pure white. It's a common school of thought that white feathers are a sign of angels - I've kept the feather!

We went to York Gate Garden next,I took loads of photos but you're not allowed to put them on the internet!!

And if you're not feeling the happy yet here's a little something to help you along.....................


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Learn a New Fact Day

Today is Learn a New Fact Day!

Thank you Catherine for the first fact of the day - London is the capital of England (not a new one, but with my memory it's entirely plausible that I could have forgotten!)!

I sent Neil a few facts about cats (he hates cats).............

Abraham Lincoln was a cat lover. He had 4 cats whilst living at the White House. His cat, Tabby, was the first White House cat.

Misty Malarky Ying Yang was a siamese cat that belonged to President Carter's daughter, Amy. He was First Cat from 1977 to 1981.

Beerbohm, a tabby, was London's longest-serving theater mouser. Berrbohm served at the Globe Theater from the mid-70's to 1995.

The record for the most kittens in a lifetime is held by Dusty. She gave birth to 420 kittens.

Felix the Cat was the first animated character to be the subject of a marketing campaign.

The staff of the Savoy Hotel in London place a wooden cat named Kasper at tables to avoid seating unlucky parties of 13.

President Calvin Coolidge was so fond of his cat, Tiger, he used to walk around the White House with the cat draped around his neck. When Tiger got lost, Coolidge went on the radio to ask for help finding him.

Timmy, another of President Coolidge's cats, would allow the President's canary to sleep between his paws.

.............he responded with 25 facts about carrots (I have nothing against carrots).
There's also;
25 facts about 25 Celery
20 Facts About Parsley
16 Facts About Eggplant
15 Facts About Brussels Sprouts

Boss (bless him) contibuted with a bird related fact.

Boss: What's the most common owl in the UK
Me: I'm not that up on owls, Barn Owl?
Boss: No
Me: Snowy owl?
Boss: No
Me: I give up
Boss: Teet
Me: Never even heard of it!
Boss: (Groan) Say it
Me: Teet (carefully - I value my job)
Boss: And?
Me: And what?
Boss: Teet
Me: Teet
Boss: And
Me: And
Boss: No, say it!
Me: Teet and
(Seriously - this went on for some time)
Boss: Nooo, what we were talking about earlier
Me: Owl
Boss: Now say it together fast
Me: Teet Owl (aahhhh - illumination and much laughter)
Boss: I'm going now, bye

Linda provided more cat facts - Russian Blue ones!

Russian Blues are a natural breed originating in the Archangel Isles in northern Russia.
Russian Blues have striking green eyes and an expression that makes it look as if they are always smiling.
Russian Blues have been described as sensitive to their families and will try to lighten up the mood of the house by entertaining those around if necessary
Russian Blues are prone to obesity so it is important to monitor their diet.

And finally - the word of the day!

bilocation \bahy-loh-KEY-shuhn\, noun:
The state of being or the ability to be in two places at the same time.

I do this a lot - my body is often in one place whilst my mind is elsewhere!