Tuesday, 29 December 2015

MullBarry Wine!

Mull stuff day - I had some mulled wine at several points this week and also spent a fair amount of time mulling things over!

Listen to Barry White day - believe it or not Barry White never recorded a Christmas song, or not one that I can find anyway. And if it's not Christmas it's not playing in December!

So, you can have this instead...

Monday, 21 December 2015

Believe in horizontal panicking!

Believe in Santa day - I'm no fair-weather part-time believer, I believe every day!

Panic shopping day - This doesn't happen, I finished my Christmas shopping on 5th December!

Be horizontal day - This could have been a couple of days this week, largely due to medication wiping me out and making getting out of bed a challenge at times, luckily when I did make it downstairs to be horizontal on the sofa all day I had my new Amazon fire stick to play with. Otherwise I fear I may have succumbed to a bit of Mr Kyle!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Six Slippers!

Slippers appreciation day - I realised this week that I don't wear my many pairs of slippers enough - not all at the same obviously, I only have 2 feet. So I've made it my mission to wear them more - instead of waiting until I can't feel my feet and notice that they're starting to turn blue!

Tell people you have a six-pack day - The only six pack people would believe I had would be of the alcoholic variety! Which makes me sound like I have a problem - which I don't. Well I do but not with alcohol. Or with any other substance abuse. Never mind - I'll quit while I'm behind haha!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Start Getting Excited About Christmas!


I started this about a month ago when I started watching Christmas movies, some may say it's too early but I stick my tongue out to them! If it makes you feel warm and glowy and more inclined to be less intolerant of the other humans then you should get as much of it as often, and as soon, as you like! 

The excitement really ramped up this week though when we put the tree up - when I say put the tree up it's code for turned the house into a grotto!

That nice Mr Matthews bought me a gingerbread letter to Santa which came with red icing so I could write my own message to him so I got on with that first...

I made sure I was suitably attired, the music came on and the sherry came out and we made a start by decorating the bedroom and the first tree...

Bonnie seemed unimpressed with my striped elf leggings (and really didn't like the jingly elf slippers), she did love her own festive outfit though!

John made an interesting addition to the Nativity...

...and was also in charge of decorating the ceiling!

And I did the shelves....I did have a bit of a wobbly moment when I came across Rosie and Jemima's stockings so I put their stockings with them on the shelf along with a Christmas flower arrangement - and then bought Bonnie (and Clyde - because everyone else had one) a stocking which turned out to be much larger than expected and had to be hung at the side of the fireplace rather than over it with ours!

Next came the fireplace...

...and the coffee table became a candle table!

We put our Christmas Story advent calendar up and the second tree to be decorated was John's Bonsai - I knew if I kept hold of the miniature old-fashioned wooden ornaments they'd come in handy one day! 

And then we came to THE tree, the base finally broke (the tree's from when I when I was a young child so it's done very well for it's age!) so we had to secure it all with string, then we discovered the lights were broken so had to go into town (a 35 minute walk each way in horrendous weather) but it was worth it in the end (and I much prefer the new lights) - despite the fact that whichever way you photograph it the shape of the tree resembled the sorting hat in Harry Potter!

 Apparently most people don't decorate their bathrooms - a missed opportunity if you ask me!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November Mission - The Results!

Nope, I don't even remember having a biscuit this month and I know I definitely didn't dunk one!

My secret weapon though is this wonderful book which Anna bought me for a previous biscuit related challenge! It has a whole section on dunking, I won't spoil it for you but I will say that if ever I were to feel the urge to dunk I'd definitely go for the Australian Tim Tam Slam method!

Despite the fact that I didn't actually do any dunking I do have the perfect mug for it - thanks again to Anna's thoughtful generosity :-)

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

December Mission!

My final challenge before graduating in the school of greatness is to BTHPARTY

To bring peace, light, fun and board games to every occasion
To remember nibbles, flowers and a bottle of wine
To never be empty-handed and always be full-bodied
To show them all how sherry is drunk and presents are opened with true grace
To be truly grateful for the bath salts and the jumper with dangly bits on the front and not internally grimace at all
To open my heart to all that has been and all that is yet to come