Sunday, 13 December 2009

First time, first blog, oh what feeling is this.........

Ok, this seemed like such a good idea, sat bored after midnight on a Saturday night, until I realised that at some point I'd actually have to write on the thing! I then thought it'd be a good idea to do a 'test' blog (I really wanted to see what it'd look like on the page!) but then got worried that I might not be able to remove it (technophobe that I am) so thought I'd better do more than a posting that just read 'test'!

I have nothing of any interest to import (the good days don't start until 2010 apparently!) other than that one of my cats seems to have developed a disturbing affinity with my laptop, to the extent that she is now sat at the side of it licking round the edges - puzzling but amusing all the same!

I may play around some more with this but otherwise will see you in 2010!