Monday, 9 November 2015

Powerful Excitement!

Get excited about fireworks day - I was in Eastbourne for fireworks day so I was excited about seeing something different but sad to be missing the Stray fireworks, I wonder if we'd have attempted another hot dog picnic if we'd been here!

Powerballad day - I was quite surprised at John's powerballad skills this week. 

No, I don't mean singing - although that would have been very entertaining! After incorrectly guessing Peter Cetera as the singer for every single end-of-movie theme we've seen recently (I think he's seen Karate Kid ll too many times - interesting fact time though...Glory of Love was originally written as the closing theme to Rocky lV apparently) he was finally right when it turned out to be Peter Cetera and Cher at the end of 'Chances Are'. 

The recent viewing of 'Only You' sparked a nostalgic journey through cheesy 80's movies including 'Chances Are' and 'Maid to Order'. Oh dear.

But seriously, how on earth could you confuse the Powerballad King (Mr Bolton himself) with Peter Cetera? Having said that, there's no denying Mr Cetera's skill either - in fact I think I need to stay away from YouTube, I've just spent an inordinate amount of time unintentionally listening to one 80's powerballad after another!

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