Monday, 3 November 2014

October Week 5!

And of course the important thing for this week was HALLOWEEN!

I forgot to take my Halloween glasses to work unfortunately, and my Halloween cookies were such a disaster that they didn't even make it into the oven haha!

So, I had to make do with just the pumpkin carving competition with Mine Truly - I don't think I did too badly considering it was only the second time I'd done it, and Mine Truly did very well on his first ever carving (he was that eager to get his demon head lit that he wasn't hanging around for any pre-lighting photos so there's just my cat carving!)


And I cooked with pumpkin for the first time this week, we had a pumpkin and nutmeg soup on Thursday and spicy pumpkin wedges on Friday - and there's a batch of pumpkin, cumin and oregano soup in the freezer which I'll add sauteed chorizo to when I re-heat :-)

And it wouldn't be Halloween if I didn't share one of my favourite Improv Everywhere clips with you... 

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