Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Mission - The Results!

Mission recap here!

I did the exact opposite (not entirely unusual!) and set the alarm later - partly due to the office moving closer to my home and partly due to a rethink of my working and sleeping hours (less of one, more of the other). I did kind of also set the alarm a little earlier though - I set up a pre-alarm alarm on my phone :-) Sounds mental but it works! One minute before the alarm goes off a low gentle tune sounds (slightly increasing in volume during the minute) which starts to slowly bring you around so the loud and intrusive alarm isn't such a shock to the system!

The only throwing of myself I did was to throw myself down the stairs (probably not on the list of acceptable methods).

Despite wearing various headgear throughout the month there wasn't a headband in sight.

Nor was there any lycra.

I've never been able to meditate (hard as it is to believe but I find it really difficult to empty my mind) and every time I think I know what I want in life I change my mind. But then a person who can't change their mind doesn't have one I always say!

As for expanding my mind while contracting my waistline...every time I try to expand my tiny mind I'm distracted by something shiny and why is skinny seen as equating to happy?

I broke out in a sweat dancing all night at the wonderful wedding of Peter and Kim!

Not exactly a successful mission but I'm using my nose op (and the fact I'm not supposed to exercise for about 8 weeks after) as an excuse!

I have, however, got a yoga session booked for the beginning of November so maybe that'll be a start!

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